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Opening the 2019 NOT REAL ART Conference for Creators

Watch this video to see art + design journalist Frances Anderton of KCRW 89.9FM give opening remarks at the 2019 NOT REAL ART Conference for Creators in Los Angeles on March 16, 2019 and introduce NOT REAL ART Creator and Executive Producer Scott "Sourdough" Power who welcomes attending artists.

How to Build Your Brand

Panel discussion at 2019 Not Real Art Conference for Creators in Los Angeles. A Moderated Discussion with Musical Artist Ric’key Pageot + Digital Marketing Expert Leah Titus + PR Expert Heidi Johnson; Building your brand today is both easier and more difficult than ever thanks to social media. Truth is, social media is a vital tool for building your business and brand. But, while social media has been transformative for artist’s careers, it’s no silver bullet. It’s also a major hassle and distraction from making art. Today, you have to think and act like a digital marketer. 

The pressure to post 24/7 is real. Like any brand today, artists have to break through the noise and clutter and connect with fans and collectors via the web, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, et al. What’s more, people too often judge the quality of the artist and their work according to the number of social media followers, rather than the artist’s intelligence and skill. Come listen and learn how some of the top artists are building their art business and brand online.

How to Protect Your Art

Panel discussion at 2019 Not Real Art Conference for Creators in Los Angeles. A Moderated Discussion with Artist Logan Hicks IP Attorney Ilya Kushnirsky + Joshua Wattles, Former Advisor to Deviant Art.

As an artist, correctly protecting your art against illegal use or theft is critical if you ever hope to successfully hold the offender accountable, defend your case in court, improve your chances to win, or be awarded damages. What’s more, as notable copyright cases

How to License Your Art

How To License Your Art is a moderated panel discussion with Licensing Agent Adam Unger + Artist Hueman. As an artist and creator of intellectual property, you have the potential to generate passive income when companies license your work for use in product development, gaming, entertainment or other media.

But, the licensing game has changed a lot over the last twenty years and licensing is more challenging than it used to be. And many factors come to bear when structuring a deal that is fair, equitable and defensible for you and the licensor. Learn about how to license your art in this informative interview with veteran licensing agents from L.A. and NYC.

How to Pitch Your Ideas in Hollywood

How to Pitch Your Ideas In Hollywood is a moderated discussion with Netflix VP of Original Series Channing Dungey + Artist + Animator Jorge Gutierrez (Book of Life).

Many artists aspire to develop their art into entertainment properties. Whether it’s your graffiti character, graphic novel, comic book or designer toy, breaking into Hollywood is as difficult as ever.

Yet, great stories and content are in high demand as players such as Netflix, Apple and Amazon become entertainment studios.

Of course, affordable HD technology makes producing independent content a viable option, but it’s risky too. This panel explores the realities of working in Hollywood as an artist trying to turn your art into The Next Big Thing.

Artist + Podcaster Mark Brickey - Featured Speaker

Equal parts Howard Stern, Charlie Rose and Anthony Bourdain. Adventures in Design creator and host, Mark Brickey is smart, funny and insightful. And, he’s good for a reason.

In his early days, Mark was a lead singer in a punk rock band that toured nationally to support four album releases.

Then, Mark did stand up comedy in Toronto, Canada before becoming a full-time visual artist designing contemporary art prints for his collectors. 

Originally from Louisville, KY, Mark lives in Los Angeles now. Happily married and parenting his dog Seri, Mark is a born entertainer.

As the host of AID, Mark gives his audience the most honest version of himself — good, bad and indifferent. From talking about his painful life experiences such as living on his own in high school, Mark brings his full passion to every episode – along with self reflection and life lessons learned the only way he knows how — the hard way.

Mark’s keen intellect, sharp instincts and smart ass wit make for great entertainment. Whether its interviews with guests, conversations with regulars or something in between, Mark is a rare talent who resonates with his audience because he’s been around the block and the audience knows he’s the real deal who gets them.

Artist Logan Hicks - Featured Speaker

Logan Hicks is a New York-based artist known for using multiple layers of stencils to achieve photorealistic imagery. Studying at the Maryland Institute of Contemporary Art in the early 1990s, Hicks cut his teeth as a successful screen printer, before being inspired to branch into stencils.

During a party thrown at his 6, 000 square foot warehouse he owned in Baltimore, Hicks befriended Shepard Fairey, who inspired him to move to Los Angeles to align with the Low Brow movement of the 90s, and concentrate on his fine art stencil work. Hicks relocated to Brooklyn in 2006 to focus on his fine art.

Artist Hueman - Featured Speaker

Allison Tinati, who paints under the moniker ‘Hueman’, grew up drawing and painting in Northern California, and received her degree in Design | Media Arts from UCLA in 2008.

Whether she is creating delicate visions on canvas, or crushing massive walls with a spray can, she often draws on the human condition to create colorful mash-ups of the abstract and figurative, and the beautiful and grotesque.

Hueman’s unique freestyle process involves creating tightly refined compositions from a spontaneous beginning of paint splashes, drips, and sprays. 

Through this method she is interested in creating motion and dimension on flat, two-dimensional surfaces, and her layered works can be seen on public walls and in galleries worldwide.

Hueman and her work have been featured in The Art of Spray (2017), Illustrators Unlimited (Gestalten, 2011), LA Times, LA Weekly, Hypebeast, Juxtapoz, Complex, Hi-Fructose, Graffiti Art Magazine, VNA Magazine, NPR, Huffington Post, 12oz Prophet, Arrested Motion, Warholian, LA Canvas, Players Magazine (Italy), Grab Magazine (Italy). She has worked with Disney, Nike, NYX Cosmetics, L’Oreal, Universal Pictures, MTV, American Express and Microsoft.

Artist Jorge R. Gutierrez - Featured Speaker

Jorge R. Gutierrez (1975) is a Mexican animator, painter, writer & director who, along with his wife and muse Sandra Equihua, created the multiple Annie & Emmy Award winning animated television series El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera for Nickelodeon.

Born in Mexico City and raised in Tijuana, Gutierrez has completed various films, cartoons, illustrations and paintings exploring his love affair with Mexican pop and folk culture. Gutierrez attended the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), where he received his BFA & MFA in Experimental Animation under Jules Engel. 

There he created the 3D short Carmelo, which won the 2001 Student Emmy Award in animation and was screened at various festivals around the world, including Kodak’s Emerging Filmmakers Program at the 2001 Cannes Film Festival.

 In 2000, Gutierrez worked under animation legend Maurice Noble, for the art direction of Chuck Jones’ Timberwolf for Warner Bros. In 2001, he began creating Jorge Gutierrez’ El Macho, an animated web series for Sony Pictures.

Gutierrez has also done character design for many animated series including Nickelodeon’s ChalkZone, as well as WB’s ¡Mucha Lucha!, and Disney’s The Buzz on Maggie for which he was nominated for a 2006 Annie Award in character design. As a writer, he’s worked on Scholastic’s Maya & Miguel as well as Disney’s Brandy & Mr. Whiskers. 

Gutierrez won two Annie Awards (Best TV Animated show & Best TV Character Design) and one Emmy (Best TV Character Design) working on El Tigre. He also created some of the sketches in Cartoon Network’s Mad.

Most recently, Gutierrez co-wrote and directed the animated feature The Book of Life for Reel FX and 20th Century Fox. The film was released on October 17, 2014. He earned his first Golden Globe Award nomination for Best Animated Feature Film in 2014.

Closing Remarks by Founder Scott "Sourdough" Power

Founder Scott "Sourdough" Power making closing remarks at the 2019 Not Real Art Conference for Creators in Los Angeles