NOT REAL ART is for everyone. But, like art itself, it's appeal will most definitely vary.

Long-time friends, collaborators and hosts, Man One and Scott "Sourdough" Power are proud to bring you the NOT REAL ART podcast and their unique, devil-may-care approach to discussing the state of contemporary art, culture and living The Art Life.

If you’re looking for a high brow art podcast streaming down from an ivory tower, this ain't it. But, if you prefer cultural fare served raw and unfiltered from the front-lines, NOT REAL ART will definitely suffice.

NOT REAL ART is pro-artist and anti-art world. NOT REAL ART celebrates contemporary artists as it calls out the hypocrisy and corruption of the art world. And, we'll laugh our asses off along the way!

NOT REAL ART is easy to enjoy. Each episode is 15-30 minutes long. And, multiple episodes are released simultaneously so you can binge on them, if you like.

NOT REAL ART is created, produced and distributed by Crewest Studio in Los Angeles.