Scott “Sourdough” Power , Creator of Not Real Art. (Art Installation by DJ Neff)

Scott “Sourdough” Power, Creator of Not Real Art. (Art Installation by DJ Neff)

Artist Statement

Not Real Art is for those of us who think elitism is antithetical to the ethos of art. Not Real Art is designed to be friendly, pro-artist and anti-snob. Artists get the joke. The point is to be accessible while moving people to feel, think or act. In my art, I aspire to make connections by breaking down walls, building bridges and opening pathways. These days I create podcasts and events to celebrate creative culture. I call them, Not Real Art.

Celebrating Creative Culture

The 2015 Cultural Times Report issued by Ernst+Young, UNESCO, CISAC and the United Nations says creative industries contribute $2T annually to the global economy with performing arts and visual art contributing $518B combined.

Social media metrics also indicate the popularity of Creative Culture. A hashtag search on Instagram for #art, #design, #architecture and #streetart provide compelling numbers: 400m, 144m, 87.5m and 39.8m respectively.

Numbers like these show creative professionals to be a core, strategic, fundamental driver of the global economy and popular culture. As an artist myself, I know first hand the magic my fellow creators do everyday around the world — often with little notoriety.

I am building NOT REAL ART to celebrate today’s Creative Culture. NOT REAL ART is an artist-centric media platform that will support and empower artists of all kinds by telling their stories and building community with programming that is accessible, entertaining, inspirational and informative.

The time has come. Because for countless people like me, art, design and creativity isn’t a choice. It’s a calling.

Thank you —