Scott Power, Creator of NOT REAL ART (Photo credit: Joshua Wattles)

We Celebrate Creativity

The 2015 Cultural Times Report issued by Ernst+Young, UNESCO, CISAC and the United Nations says creative industries contribute $2T annually to the global economy. Performing arts and visual art combined contribute $518B.

Social media metrics also indicate the popularity of Creative Culture. A hashtag search on Instagram for #art, #design, #architecture and #streetart reveal compelling data: 400m, 144m, 87.5m and 39.8m respectively.

The numbers above show the popularity and power of the creative arts as a key driver of the global economy and popular culture. Working in the arts for over 30 years, I know first hand the magic my fellow creators make around the world everyday — often with little notoriety or compensation.

I created NOT REAL ART to celebrate my fellow creatives, to empower and support them with relevant programming that is entertaining, informative and accessible.

The time has come. Because for countless people like me, being creative isn’t a choice. It’s a calling.

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Our Mission

We Exist to Empower the Creative Class.