About Us

Scott "Sourdough" Power, Creator of NOT REAL ART (Photo credit: Joshua Wattles)

Time to Celebrate

For millions of people like me — Sourdough — being creative isn’t a choice. It’s a calling. And, big business.

The 2015 Cultural Times Report by Ernst+Young says creative industries contribute $2T to the global economy each year.

A search on Instagram reveals #art, #design, #architecture and #streetart have 400m, 144m, 87.5m and 39.8m tags respectively.

Numbers like these validate artists popularity and power as a core driver of global economics and culture. 

As an artist, I know first hand the magic my colleagues do everyday  — often with notoriety or compensation than they deserve.

I created NOT REAL ART to celebrate creativity, share artists stories and empower their work in the world.

If you appreciate creative culture, join us. We're your tribe!


Our Mission:  Empower Creatives