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Scott "Sourdough" Power, Creator of NOT REAL ART (Photo credit: Joshua Wattles)

Greetings + Salutations

Welcome to NOT REAL ART where we champion artists and their work. My name is Scott. My friends call me Sourdough.

Talking to artists and other creative professionals over the years, I know how difficult it is to make a living in the arts.

Inspired to make a difference, I created NOT REAL ART to help amplify and share artist's talents with the world. 

NOT REAL ART celebrates artists and empowers their work with unique stories, podcasts, grants, experiences and more.

As you'll see, we are art cheerleaders, not art critics. Artists have enough critics. They need more cheerleaders!

People sometimes ask about our curious name. NOT REAL ART is pure satire. And, artists get the joke.

NOT REAL ART parodies those who question the legitimacy of artists and their art — Are they a Real Artist? Do they make Real Art?

NOT REAL ART provides a progressive alternative to art world conservatism, a place where art is for all and all are welcome!

So, if you enjoy art and creativity, NOT REAL ART is for you. Subscribe to our free newsletter today! 

Your Friend in Art —

Sourdough Power

Creative Freedom is Your Destiny

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