Anne Martin of Sugar Press Art

Anne Martin of Sugar Press Art

Welcome back to the Not Real Art Podcast! Today we have a great friend, creative powerhouse and generally lovely citizen of the world on the show, none other than Anne Martin of Sugar Press Art!

Anne is here to share her own creative journey, how she found her niche helping other artists get their work out there and why she is living the dream, doing exactly what she should be doing!

Since art school, when she started realizing that she was always highly involved in her friends' and peers' artworks, Anne was destined to find her place in the publishing world, championing the work she loved and believed in.

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Sugar Press Art Logo

In our conversation, we talk about Sugar Press, how the agency started and its founding principles, before Anne breaks down some of her concerns for emerging artists, exposure deals and some tips for copyrighting and cataloging one's work.

She shares about some of the artists she is excited to be working with at Sugar Press and the recent KAABOO event they hosted! For this and a whole lot more, join us for this great show!

Key Points From This Episode with Anne Martin:

• A little bit about Sugar Press Art, what they do and their three-year history!

• Some of Anne's early work in the publishing and art world.

• The holistic and collaborative approach that Sugar Press has adopted.

• Artists' responsibility to work on the marketing side of their career.

• Legal concerns and the frequency of uncredited use of artworks by big brands.

• Exposure bucks and how brands exploit artists to work for free.

• The price of copyrighting and cataloging pieces correctly.

• Some of the artists that Sugar Press is currently working with.

• The rise of legal psychedelics and how this impacts art openings.

• Sugar Press' event called KAABOO and some of the highlights from the exhibition.

• The constant instability of art prices and investing in expensive pieces.

• Big conglomerates that are buying up small independent galleries in New York.

• The project that Anne and Sourdough worked on together recently.

• Anne's concerns about showing art out of commission-based spaces.

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

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Pollock — https://www.jackson-pollock.org/

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