Antonio Pelayo + Isaac Pelayo: The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far from the Tree

Antonio Pelayo + Isaac Pelayo: The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far from the Tree

If you’ve ever heard the idiom, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” today’s guests are the perfect case study for that! We are lucky today to welcome father and son, Antonio and Isaac Pelayo to the show. Antonio has witnessed Isaac growing into a successful and dynamic artist that is following in his father’s footsteps, and that is part of the story that they share in today’s episode.

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Antonio is an established artist, illustrator, and event producer who focuses on the Latino community of Southern California. He is also one of the last true inkers at the Walt Disney Animation Studios Ink and Paint Department.

Artist + Father Antonio Pelayo
Artist + Son, Isaac Pelayo

“The thing that I extracted most from our relationship during my childhood was the fact that [my dad] exposed me to art really early on. Every time I went to my dad’s house, it was always art shows, museums, studio visits, auctions, festivals, things of that nature. That was the one and only thing that I knew of my dad, aside from Disney and all the other nuanced stuff that he would do, but [pretty] much the bulk of our time was spent in art galleries, spent in a museum, spent in other people’s studios and listening to him talk and converse with legends from LA.” — @isaacpelayo1 [0:11:16]

Acquiring over 100k followers on social media in the last few years, Isaac is a rising star illuminating his own path as a fine artist, creative musician, fashion visionary, and well sought after tattoo artist.

In today’s conversation, Antonio and Isaac talk about their artistic legacy and how Isaac’s father inspired him as an artist by exposing him to art from an early age. We also touch on the power of social media for self-promotion, the economics of art, and how younger artists can benefit from hearing the success stories of artists who have paved the way, as well as the value of being both artist and art dealer, taking agency and advocating for yourself as an artist, and the power of learning to say ‘no’. Tune in today!

“With every piece, I learn something new. I’m still developing it, I’m still learning, I’m still studying. We’re constantly trying new things. [My dad] is constantly giving me ideas, I’m constantly giving him suggestions. We’re figuring out ways to collaborate and combine our work together in different mediums and forms and subject matter. At the same time, I still don’t have it figured out, but it’s been an interesting, long learning process, but I’m excited to see when’re our work shifts to in the next five to 10 years.” — @isaacpelayo1 [1:07:12]

“There’s a lot to say about Isaac’s work for a lot of reasons. I saw it being born, and I saw it develop, and now I’m seeing it flourishing.” — Antonio Pelayo [1:05:01]

Antonio had bis son Isaac’s first portrait drawing tattooed on his left arm.

Key Points From This Antonio Pelayo Episode:

  • What it’s like for Antonio to see his son earning notoriety as an artist at such a young age.
  • Isaac shares how his father inspired him as an artist by exposing him to art from an early age.
  • Why Isaac says that getting an early start fueled his hunger to become an artist.
  • How Antonio set an example for Isaac rather than putting pressure on him.
  • Find out how Antonio first got exposed to art and developed a love for drawing as a child.
  • During his time at Walt Disney Animation Studios, Antonio shares how he discovered fine art and started building his portfolio.
  • How social media has made it easier than ever for artists to promote their work.
  • Some of the lessons Isaac’s dad taught him about the economics of art and making money.
  • The pride Antonio feels about Isaac being a property owner at 24-years-old.
  • How younger artists can benefit from hearing Antonio and Isaac’s success stories.
  • While being conscious of your finances is hard, Isaac believes being an artist is harder.
  • Why artists need to learn about the value of prioritizing their finances.
  • What Rich Dad Poor Dad taught Isaac about mindset and working for himself.
  • Isaac shares his primary source of revenue and how he is both artist and his own art dealer.
  • What Antonio taught Isaac about not giving away his work for free; how it devalues the work.
  • The importance of taking agency and advocating for yourself as an artist.
  • Isaac highlights the power of learning to say ‘no’; respect your energy.
  • How Isaac tries to steer away from desperation and losing sight of his own value.
  • Work as a form of meditation, as well as the power of taking care of your body.
  • Isaac tells his father what he loves about his art: the extraordinary level of detail.
  • Antonio shares something he loves about Isaac’s art: the work that comes from the heart.
  • Isaac emphasizes the incredible relationship he has had with both his parents.

“When I go into the studio, I’m an artist but, as soon as I step out, I’m my art dealer. I make the sales.” — @isaacpelayo1 [0:46:45]

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“He exposed me to the craft, he never pushed it on me, and he was also hungry himself. He set an example [as] opposed to putting pressure on me.” — @isaacpelayo1 [0:19:12]

Isaac Pelayo Artist
Isaac Pelayo Artist

“One of the things that resonated with me was being told, ‘It’s not what you know but who you know.’ I became a sting people person, meeting people and absorbing as much information as I possibly could.” — @isaacpelayo1 [0:33:51]

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