Art for Peace with Zoey Hudis and Lucy Lipofsky

Art for Peace with Zoey Hudis and Lucy Lipofsky

In these tough times we have all been living through, hope can seem a little elusive. Many of us want to work for change and make a positive impact, but it is not always clear where we should put our energy and money. Two young women from LA are providing us with a great example of what is possible, and we are joined by Zoey Hudis and Lucy Lipofsky of Art for Peace today, as well as their proud mothers!

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Art for Peace is an initiative and event founded in order to support the crisis in Ukraine right now, and Zoey and Lucy have managed to connect with an amazing roster of artists, who have donated work that will be sold for the cause. This inspiring project can show us all how we can work within our scope, in ways that suit our skills and interests, for a better world. The Art for Peace event was held on the weekend of April 15 through the 18th, and we cannot wait to see what these young art activists do next!

Art for Peace logo, conceived and created by Lucy Lipofsky

“When designing the website, the first thing I thought about was that we needed a logo, because I love making logos. I feel like a dove is a pretty universal symbol of peace, and it's not just us who think that, it's also in a lot of Ukrainian folk art. There are a lot of images of doves, and birds, and flowers. So I took inspiration from the image of a bird, it's almost cartoony, but not really. An image of a bird with flowers on it, and I thought it was a really powerful symbol for not only peace, but hope.” — Lucy Lipofsky [0:26:32.1]

Key Points From This Episode:

  • An introduction to the mission at Art for Peace!
  • The process of creating the website and finding a gallery space.
  • How Zoey and Lucy managed to involve such an impressive roster of artists!
  • The role that everyone can play by coming together and sharing skills and effort.
  • Why Zoey and Lucy's dedication and involvement have propelled the initiative.
  • A little about the two organizations that Art for Peace has partnered with.
  • Details about the gallery space, and where to find out more about the event and project.
  • The inspiration behind the logo and the symbolism of the dove that Lucy used.
  • Feelings of pride that Zoey and Lucy's moms are experiencing right now.

“I started off asking my friends to make art, and soon after a professional artist donated to us.” — Zoey Hudis [0:08:03]

“The gallery is open from April 15th through 17th and we have a website, called artforpeace.art, which Lucy made.” — Zoey Hudis [0:23:22.8]

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