Art Lawyer Ilya Kushnirsky is Dropping Knowledge at the Not Real Art Conference on March 16 in L.A.

On episode 40 of our podcast, we are joined by Ilya Kushnirsky, who is an intellectual property attorney in NYC. His firm, KG Law services artists and creatives almost exclusively, having helped many grateful individuals with issues of IP theft and infringement over the years including Logan Hicks, Rone, Gaia, Olek, Momo, Ahol Sniffs Glue, Beau Stanton, Woes, Caratoes, Andrew Schoultz, Distort and many others. Ilya is also a featured speaker at the upcoming Not Real Art Conference on March 16 in Los Angeles. And, this podcast serves as a primer to his forthcoming presentation on the conference. In this episode, Ilya chats about copyrights, trademarks and all things art law. Ilya shares his ideas on staying affordable for people who are not traditionally rolling in money, how to protection yourself against the epidemic of infringement and ways to move the legal needle in your direction.

Of course, be sure join us at the conference on March 16 and get your tickets by going here today while supplies last.

Key Points From This Episode:

•    Some background on KG Law and why they chose their particular path.

•    Controversial cases and setting precedents in art legalities.

•    Working with small time artists and legal affordability.

•    Protection against impropriety or preparing to handle a difficult situation.

•    Comparing the numbers of registered work or unregistered work.

•    Batch registration, saving time and downsides to this impulse.

•    Differentiating between copyrighting and trademarking.

•    Monetizing intellectual property and the essential steps towards success.

•    Enhancing yours and others’ value through pro-action.

•    Investing and spending on your personal development and future.

•    And much more!

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