Art World Horror Stories Vol.4: Flypaper for Dysfunction

Art World Horror Stories Vol.4: Flypaper for Dysfunction

Unfortunately, the art world can be flypaper for dysfunctional people, and we all know someone who has borne the brunt of that instability!

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For today’s show, a few artists have written in to tell their Art World Horror Stories, including Ed Whitmore, who shares how he was treated by a mentally unstable gallery owner who approached him to present a solo exhibition as an emerging artist. Caitlin Burnett tells us how a fire in a laundry room laid claim to all the art she had ever created, while Ruchetta Banjerly reflects on how vanity galleries scam artists with soul-crushing schemes, Sarah Phillips recounts the horror of a gallery curator that discounted the value of her paintings, and Alexander Augustus shares his feelings about unpaid internships, which are all too common in the art world! Tune in today for Volume 4 of Art World Horror Stories!

Read “Sand Your Own Goddamn Vaginas” as lived by Alexander Augustus
Illustration by Alexander Augustus; click to read his article “Sand Your Own Goddamn Vaginas”

Key Points From This Art World Horror Stories Episode:

  • Ed Whitmore on how he lost money on an exhibition thanks to a dysfunctional gallery owner.
  • Caitlin Burnett tells the horror story of how all the art she’d ever made was reduced to ash.
  • Listen in as Ruchetta Banjerly recounts the terror of hidden artists’ representation fees.
  • Ruchetta tells the story of her personal experience with a soul-crushing art scam in Delhi.
  • Sarah Phillips from Brisbane describes her experience with a curator who told her the ‘story’ was more valuable than her paintings.
  • Alexander Augustus shares his tale of exploitation at the hands of an unpaid internship.
  • Ending on a positive note: the key lesson that artists have to advocate for themselves.

Scott "Sourdough" Power

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