Best of 2022: Our Favorite Moments From the NOT REAL ART Podcast cover

Best of 2022: Our Favorite Moments From the NOT REAL ART Podcast

We know it’s a tad early for a “best-of” list, but since September is International Podcast Month, we couldn’t resist the chance to look back on our favorite episodes from the last year. Below, you’ll find interviews with pop art luminaries like Camille Rose Garcia, some much-needed tax advice for creative freelancers, and a touching tribute to Greg Escalante, the founder of Juxtapoz Magazine.

Each episode is hosted by NOT REAL ART founder Scott “Sourdough” Power, who guides listeners through the conversation with laid-back banter and thoughtful questions about the contemporary art world.

We feel fortunate to have hosted such an incredible roster of artists in 2022. Thank you to all our listeners for your continued support of our podcast—your listens, shares, and subscribes help keep creative culture alive at NOT REAL ART. We’ve got lots more in store for 2023, and can’t wait to share it with all of you. Happy listening!

Meow Wolf’s Max Neutra: Made For Art

In this episode Max Neutra of legendary arts and entertainment company Meow Wolf joins us to talk about his passion for public art. Before joining Meow Wolf, Max painted all over the world: the catacombs of Paris; a rooftop in Madrid; the patio of a restaurant during a monsoon in Mumbai.

Now a full-time artist at Meow Wolf, Max helps the creative team build immersive exhibits that transport audiences into fantastic, interactive worlds. Max talks about the practical side of innovation, the role storytelling plays in creating emotional connection, and how to live a creative life without becoming a “traditional artist.”

Remembering Juxtapoz Founder and Lowbrow Art Enthusiast Greg Escalante

For this episode on Greg Escalante, some 30 artists and friends gathered to record personal audio messages in honor of the Juxtapoz Magazine founder’s birthday. The original low-brow art enthusiast, Greg was a bona fide maverick and trailblazer, carving out a space where so many of us could feel at home.

Juxtapoz, the publication Greg co-founded with cartoonist Robert Williams, is still a leading work in the alternative and underground art space. Escalante's legacy is about far more than the magazine—it’s about the community he built and the lives he touched. During the show, you’ll hear tributes from many of the artists who were impacted by Greg, including Robert Williams, Shag, Shepard Fairy, Elizabeth McGrath, and Chaz Bojórquez, just to name just a few.

Hannah Cole: Taxes for Artists and Creative Entrepreneurs

If you're a freelance artist or creative professional, filing your income taxes is probably only slightly preferable to the finality of death.

In this episode, to help artists and creative freelancers combat tax-related anxiety, we spoke to accountant Hannah Cole of Sunlight Tax, an organization that counts many artists and creatives among its clientele.

In her interview, Cole, herself a working artist, gives us some basic tips to help navigate tax season smoothly, this year and every year after. Listen in for a behind-the-scenes scoop on the tax industry and how freelance creatives can come out on top of the (money) heap.

Ilse Valfré: How Love of Drawing Became a Global Brand

How do you turn your passion into a successful business? When Los Angeles-based artist and entrepreneur Ilse Valfré was just 22-years-old, she started a Tumblr blog that would propel her from preschool teacher to internationally sought-after artist.

In this episode, you’ll hear from Ilse and her husband, Donald Eley, who discuss how they built a family business while raising two children. You’ll gain insight into the challenges and rewards associated with building a successful brand in today’s tech-savvy world and learn about Ilse’s passion for drawing. We also touch on the importance of starting a creative business while you’re young, establishing a strong community to rally around you, and what it takes to forge your own path.

Find out why fans of Ilse’s brand, Valfré, include Jessica Alba and Emma Roberts, as well as millions of girls and young women around the world.

Camille Rose Garcia: The Pop Surrealist Creating a New Reality

A forerunner in contemporary pop surrealism, Camille Rose Garcia joins us to discuss her journey from young apprentice to art-world superstar.

Drawing from an eclectic range of influences, including authors Philip K. Dick and William S. Burroughs, vintage cartoons, outsider art, and politically aware bands like The Clash and the Dead Kennedys, Camille makes engaging, vividly colored work that blends nostalgic pop culture references with a satirical slant on modern society. Her psychedelic, eye-popping paintings, detailed drawings, toys, and books strive for both visual pleasure and incisive social criticism.

Make sure to tune in for this poignant discussion about art, the universe, and everything in between with beloved pop surrealist Camille Rose Garcia.

Morgan Laurens: The Writer Helping Artists Tell Their Stories

Storytelling—whether visual, verbal, or written—is an essential part of the artist’s toolkit. Stories forge connections, evoke emotions, and help people understand different ideas and perspectives.

In this episode, NOT REAL ART founder Scott “Sourdough” Power introduces the blog’s editor-in-chief, Morgan Laurens. With a background in printmaking, pop culture, and classic literature, Morgan is an arts writer from the Midwest who specializes in grant writing and narrative-based storytelling for mission-driven artists and arts organizations.

“Being able to help people tell their stories, with visuals and with words, has been really gratifying for me,” she tells Scott. “We get so many positive messages from the artists that we work with.”

Learn more about Morgan’s mission to banish artspeak for good, help artists tell stories that stick, and foster emotional connections that resonate with art lovers and artists alike.

Morgan  Laurens 

Morgan Laurens (she/her/hers) is NOT REAL ART’s editor in chief. Morgan is an arts writer from the Midwest who enjoys saying “excuse me” when no actual pardon is needed. She specializes in grant writing and narrative-based storytelling for mission-driven artists and arts organizations. With a background in printmaking, pop culture, and classic literature, Morgan believes a girl’s best friend is the pile of books on her bedside table.