Beth Abaravich: Scenes from the Edge of Fashion

Beth Abaravich: Scenes from the Edge of Fashion

Standing on the red X to pick up my order. The girl in front of me has blond hair with an inch of dark roots haphazardly bunched on top of her head. Loose fitting black tank covers beige bra w/ safety pins to adjust the straps. Grey baggy athletic shorts, non descript flip flops, ill fitting no sew mask utilizing hair bands, and a curious Shitzu who wanders into the 6’ perimeter. Older woman sits on bench next to line, pulls mask down to chat on the phone. Target employee brings me my goods and I walk to my truck.

On the edge of fashion; creations from artist Beth Abaravich

Girl pushing cart like she’s in a perfume commercial, her mid calf striped cotton shirtdress (2 bottom buttons undone) floats in the breeze. A breeze I was totally unaware of until now. Leg bends, back arches, soft locks float. I turn and smile. She was wearing a disposable aqua blue pleated mask that hooks around your ears.

The concept of Fashion now is so abstract! From what I’ve observed it’s gotten extremely comfortable/casual. I think we need some crazy to shake it up.

You’re right Beth! We need to shake things up or Fall/Winter 2020 is going to look like Doomsday!! Laughing hard with eyes squinting emoji.

Fall/Winter 20 was designed & in the bag before all of this.

Yes everything was designed way into the future, but the future has changed.

We are proceeding w/ styling Spring/Summer 21 more casually. Hopefully we will still be in business. Eyes up in the air-straight line for a mouth emoji, yellow fingers crossed emoji.

Yeah, things are different! I’ve had my hair cut in the same messy boycut for, God, 10 years and suddenly I don’t care if it grows out. It’s been the same shade of L’Oreal Paris Excellence (8rb, Reddish Blonde) for about the same amount of time. I’m shopping Target.com to get Hunter some bleach to strip the color from her hair. I look at the ombre kit and some baby pink Colorista semi permanent color for myself. They’re sold out.

On the edge of fashion; creations from artist Beth Abaravich

The pandemic has created this provisional space, a world next to our world. We’re in Beta mode creating something else, instead of. Much like a website working out the kinks before it goes “live”. I remember when Ravelry was getting started, it was exciting and tumultuous. You had to know someone to get the “code”.

I’m searching on Ebay and Etsy for sewing patterns and clothing from a time when fashion was mythical. I had a subscription to Vogue in junior high. In Lee’s Summit, that was weird. Clothing then was transformational. It was hope, really, that there was something else out there. I’m searching for Esprit, Perry Ellis, Byron Lars, Issey Miyake, Willi Wear, YSL, and Michael Vollbracht. Michael Vollbracht was from Kansas City. His parents owned a uniform business, you know, one of those places where they bring uniforms to a place of work, pick them up and clean them, and drop off new ones…kind of like cloth diapers. On career day he gave a talk in the large auditorium where they had plays and musicals. That Fall he had a spread in Vogue with these graphic, painterly prints. The Jacket had Leg O’ Mutton sleeves and the fabric was quilted.

At the grocery store today, we found ourselves alone in the bakery aisle, when some crazy dancey tune came into the background music. We start dancing. Not kinda sorta dancing, crazy taking up a whole buncha space dancing. Some guy in a trucker hat pushes his cart across the end of the aisle. Hunter said his eyes never left us, even when there was just a tiny bit of space left before he was gone, he kept staring.