Pennsylvania Artist Brad Bianchi Finds Materials and Inspiration on the Street

Pennsylvania Artist Brad Bianchi Finds Materials and Inspiration on the Street

Brad Bianchi started repurposing found objects when he was growing up in Pittsburgh. After helping his mother salvage furniture from the curb, he continued to hone his skills as an adult. Bianchi roams the streets of his hometown in search of discarded treasures while his father supplies him with cast-off items from construction dumpsters. His wry sculptures of creatures, objects, and birds have an outsider feel with a contemporary edge.

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Bianchi’s work is in private collections throughout the U.S. and he has been involved in a number of public art projects. He enjoys transforming everyday objects into art and keeping them out of landfills. In addition to his mixed-media sculptures, he builds custom furniture from recycled materials. After being raised in a society where everything is disposable, Bianchi hopes to reach a broad spectrum of viewers and inspire them to consider the creative potential of items found close to home.

I create art for others to enjoy. More and more, each year, I come to realize how lucky I am to be able to do this with my life, to provide for myself as a working artist and how I must push myself everyday to help inspire and bring a smile to others. I love hanging my work all over, in public places, in hopes that someone who couldn't even think of affording art will find it. As our society moves towards a more inclusive and truly democratic paradigm shift; I want all people to realize their potential as an artist, or simply as purveyors of thought provoking pieces. Art can be free, cheap, accessible, as well as poignant. I want to save as much "trash" as possible and turn it all into something new.

Although he has some formal training, Bianchi has been dubbed an outsider or fringe artist and received mixed reviews from the conventional art world. His sculptures been rejected from gallery exhibitions and criticized for being ‘all over the place.’ But he has found a receptive audience among people from all economic and social levels, as well as aficionados of Outsider Art. With major museums featuring work by nontraditional artists, Bianchi is carrying on a longstanding American tradition of transforming the vernacular into the sublime.

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Brad Bianchi — Artist Statement

Brad Bianchi Headshot
Brad Bianchi

My work is simply meant to inspire and bring a smile to someone. The viewer relates to the objects used, and sometimes even feels nostalgic with some vintage pieces that I incorporate into my work. I enjoy using many older items that are very well made, but have most likely become obsolete over time. My artwork is full of bright color and light hearted feelings. I try to create something that can be enjoyed by people of all ages that come from all walks of life. I strive to open peoples minds to the possibilities in reuse. It all comes down to keeping useful materials out of a landfill and living on with a whole new purpose.

Brad Bianchi – Grant Submission Work

Brad Bianchi. Whatever You Say
Whatever You Say
Vintage folding rulers on osb plywood
Brac Bianchi. Tree Frog
Tree Frog
Found objects on plywood
30 x22 inches
Brad Bianchi. Reclaim Your Throne
Reclaim Your Throne
Old wood ladder, broiler pan, 1970s drape, piano parts,
and other found objects.
Brad Bianchi. Lux The Abstract
Lux The Abstract
Reclaimed lumber, bathroom faucet knobs, and electrical
conduit that I found in a dumpster on earth day!
56 x 8 x 41 inches

The shoehorn ears and my own doggie inspired this piece.

Brad Bianchi. Go Fly A Bird
Go Fly A Bird
Rusted and smashed car exhaust parts found on the side of the road along with many
other items.

The shoe form beak inspired the entire piece.

Brad Bianchi – Artist Bio

Brad Bianchi is a reuse artist and furniture maker. His inspiration and materials come from all over the streets of Pittsburgh. His passion for using found materials began as a child building tree houses. 30 years later, Brad's father still finds unwanted materials from job-site dumpsters for him to use. He was the grabber for his mom when she would see vintage furniture out for trash, a skill Brad has turned into his full time passion as an adult.

Brad enjoys taking both relatable and unrecognizable objects, then giving them an entirely new form. Form, function, durability and a touch of humor are all important aspects of his work. He has artwork in private collections all over the U.S. and has worked on several public art projects around Pittsburgh. Brad seeks variety in his work, so everyday he can be creating something different. Wether it is furniture for a local small business, a commissioned gift, or custom t-shirt design; he is always pushing himself to try something new. All the while getting the word out about reuse and caring for our planet.

Brad Bianchi on the Web And Social Media

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