Comic Katie Love Loses Her Religion!

Comic Katie Love Loses Her Religion!

Katie Love comic and writer joins us today on the podcast! Katie has been living and working in LA for over 20 years and made it her life's work to share her love of laughter and stories with the world.

katie love comic
Katie Love with Teddy, her favorite Largemouth Bass

From performing on stage to helping startups communicate their message, honesty and humor go hand in hand for Katie and she continues to strive for her best in all of her different pursuits.

In our conversation, we cover some of the recent projects she has been involved in, her family history and early experiences in comedy. We also talk about what it means to be on stage and share your inner world with the public, how humor can heal and the value of pushing sensitive buttons.

Katie Love bringing the funny to our podcast studio

Katie has an optimistic and appreciative attitude towards the difficulties that arise in the life of a creative, something that is truly inspiring. We also get into the dogma and selectiveness of the church, family divides and Katie's belief in arts education. For all this and a whole bunch more, tune in with us today!

Key Points From The Katie Love Episode:

• The work Katie recently did with TMI Hollywood.

• Katie's own creative journey starting from her part in a cult.

• The bravery of sharing your soul and creativity with the world.

• Katie's first joke and pulling fruit out of her bra on stage.

• The healing of humor and the difficult background of many comedians.

• The culture of over-sensitivity and pushing the buttons of strangers.

• Katie's strategy for dealing with hecklers and why she does not have many.

• Difficulty around family connection and changing religious values.

• The doctrines of the Bible and giving up wot what we do not know.

• The work that Katie has been doing with the Not Real Art grant winners!

• Why our world needs a focus on creative arts from a young age.

• How Katie has managed to amalgamate the different parts of her work.

• And much more!

Katie Love in action!

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