2020 Creators Conference Cancelled

In the interest of artist health and well being, we've cancelled our 2020 Creators Conference. Stay tuned for a new date in 2021, and sign up for our upcoming virtual events, news and updates today:


NOT REAL ART: The Conference is a professional development event for artists like you. Professional artists + business experts share actionable insights and knowledge to help improve your art business.

  • Learn From Top Artists + Experts
  • Improve Your Arts Business
  • Grow Your Professional Network

Our conference empowers artists to learn, share and grow professionally. Get get fresh, relevant and actionable intelligence to better your arts career. NOT REAL ART: The Conference happens in L.A. annually. 

Don't miss this powerful event. And, watch last year's conference here


Isaias Crow Artist


Wow! Insightful and inspiring conversation. Thank you for all the words of wisdom and empowering information.

Andre Miripolsky Artist

Very Real Indeed!

Everything about Not Real Art was VERY Real indeed! Great production and presentation by ALL. Kudos!”

Debi Cable Artist

The Best Investment

The best investment in my arts business to date. Seriously epic information, exciting panelists and engaging content

About the 2019 Conference


GREAT NEWS! You can watch all the sessions and speakers from this valuable conference on video!

Simply click the orange button to hear and see the panels and speakers from this important conference:

  • How to Pitch Your Ideas in Hollywood
  • How to Build Your Brand
  • How to Protect Your Art
  • How to License Your Art 
  • Logan Hicks, Artist / Speaker
  •  Julie B, Artist / Speaker
  • Jorge Gutierrez, Artist / Speaker
  • Mark Brickey, Creative Leader / Speaker
  • Cheyanne Sauter, Creative Leader / Speaker 

Our 2019 NOT REAL ART Conference on March 16 in Los Angeles was a rich learning event for artists, designers + creatives. Many vital topics were covered:

  • How to Protect Your Art
  • How to Build Your Brand
  • How to License Your Art
  • How to Pitch Your Ideas in Hollywood

Top artists and industry experts taught attendees. Never before have these world-class professionals come together to share their unique insights:

  • Hueman, Artist
  • Man One, Artist
  • Jorge Gutierrez, Artist + Animator
  • Logan Hicks, Artist
  • Julie B, Artist + Founder Pretty in Plastic
  • Joshua Wattles, DeviantArt
  • Ilya Kushnirsky, IP Attorney
  • Channing Dungey, VP Netflix
  • Mark Brickey, Adventures in Design
  • Frances Anderton, KCRW 89.9
  • Ric'key Pageot, Parlor Social Band