Writer and mediation advocate, David Gerken

Meditation: A Practice Artists Can’t Afford Not to Do, with David Gerken

Joining us on the show today is writer and meditation advocate David Gerken. He is a multidimensional human being who has gone from working as a legislative assistant and lobbyist to becoming a writer for The West Wing in LA. After going through an intensely stressful period in his life, he discovered the empowering practice of meditation and has since been fervent in communicating his knowledge with others. Being a pragmatist, David believes that meditation is not applicable only to hippies and certain elite groups, but instead claims that people of all backgrounds can reap from its many benefits. Meditating is not difficult, he says, and it does not have to take more than five to fifteen minutes a day, and therefore a busy schedule should not thwart you from getting into this life-changing habit. In fact, David argues that meditation gives back exponentially more than the little it takes: it gets you focused and living in the present moment, improving the quality of every single aspect of your life. Be sure to tune in for this awesome conversation with someone who can help you turn down that inner noise.

Key Points From This Episode:

•    Going from working in law in Washington to writing in LA and how the two fields came together with The West Wing.

•    His thought processes around creating conflict and tragedy for the characters in the series.

•    The role that tennis played in his career and getting connected with key people.

•    How he got into the practice of meditation and into the world of mindfulness.

•    The importance of meditating on a regular basis and how it transforms all facets of your life.

•    Why meditation is so important for artists who often struggle with negative internal dialogue.

•    Accessing the conscious self and being present as the foundation of focus.

•    How our values changed with capitalism and the development of the economy.

•    Focusing on doing your best in the moment and learning to trust in life.

•    The importance of becoming still in order to hear the voice of your intuition.

•    The stigma that exists around meditation and why it is for everyone, regardless of religious orientation.

•    Why every solution is inside of you and learning to stop blaming external circumstances.

•    The different factors that drive human behavior and the role of our environment.

•    More about his book and David’s everyday approach to meditation and moderation.

•    The role of religion, morality and values and why you have to listen to yourself.

•    And much more!


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