Debi Cable On How Her 3D Blacklight Experiences Help Democratize Art

Debi Cable On How Her 3D Blacklight Experiences Help Democratize Art

Today’s guest Debi Cable has been creating hand-painted, fluorescent artwork for 3D immersive installations for more than a decade, and she is as active in promoting art as she is at creating it! Debi’s 3D blacklight experiences have been featured at music and art festivals around America, including the Lancaster Museum, Beverly Hills Art Show, Burning Man, Lightning in a Bottle, and Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas, as well as countless others. Debi also co-founded the Arts Squared public art gallery in Pershing Square, was the LA Regional Art Director for Burning Man, and acted as Vice President of the LA League of Artists.

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People love Debi’s 3D immersive art experiences
People love Debi’s 3D immersive art experiences

In today’s episode, Debi shares a glimpse into her journey as an artist and how her visually spectacular work developed. We find out how she came to represent other artists in DTLA through the LA Arts Council, what Burning Man taught her about creating immersive art installations at scale, and the spectrum of colors and wavelengths you can see in her work that you can’t see elsewhere. You’ll also learn more about Debi’s business model, how you can collaborate with her, and how immersive art experiences like hers educate people and democratize access to art, plus so much more!

For a fun and informal conversation with a bonafide icon of the Downtown Los Angeles art scene, make sure not to miss this episode with Debi Cable!

Debi’s beautiful immersive art
Debi’s beautiful immersive art

“When I was Downtown, I ended up being on the Arts Council and that brought me to the marketing committee of Downtown LA. My friend was the president. He [said], ‘Why don’t you come into the meetings? It represents the art of LA,’ and I was like, ‘Okay.’ Even though the arts were still going on, nobody was representative of them from a political [perspective] and networking. That threw me into [that world]. Here was every marketing person from all of the businesses in Downtown LA in the same room!” — Debi Cable [0:14:28]

Artist Debi Cable with her alien friend
Artist Debi Cable with her alien friend

Key Points From This Deb Cable Episode:

  • How Debi’s practice, which relies on physical experience, was impacted by COVID.
  • Debi paints a picture of her 3D blacklight artworks for listeners who are unfamiliar.
  • A glimpse into her journey as an artist and how she arrived at the work she creates today.
  • Her initial move to Los Angeles and what it taught her about marketing and networking.
  • From Arts Squared to the famous Brewery Art Colony and Debi’s first blacklight artwork.
  • Her first trip to Burning Man in 2004 and the massive scale of artwork it introduced her to.
  • The incredible reaction Debbie receives from the viewers of her fluorescent paintings.
  • How her artwork allows you to see colors and wavelengths humans can’t see elsewhere.
  • Learn more about Debi’s business model and how you can rent installations from her.
  • Sourdough and Debi share about their mutual love for Burning Man.
  • Hear some stories and anecdotes from the Playa and what to expect if you go.
  • Debi shares her wellness routine: painting and cutting out negativity in her life!
  • How the arts and cannabis industries could form collaborative relationships in future.
  • Insight into the process behind creating an immersive experience with Debi.
  • Debi reflects on the recent popularity of exhibits like the Van Gogh immersive experiences.
  • Why it’s difficult for Debi to include a digital aspect in her installations.
  • How immersive art experiences educate people and democratize access to art.
  • Debi gives shoutouts to her community, who she relies on for support and inspiration.
  • The characteristics of an ideal space for one of Debi’s installations.
Is immersive black light art the new black?
Is immersive black light art the new black?

“Here, let me drop some ideas on you and if you pick it, pop and run with it, it’s for the good of more.” — Debi Cable [0:16:03]

“With the UV invisible light, you’re seeing colors and wavelengths your eye is not used to taking in.” — Debi Cable [0:24:57]

Bass Canyon
Bass Canyon installation

“It’s hard for me to have a digital aspect in my [installations] because people are so programmed to watching that that it becomes [mind numbing]. Even if it’s my work that is digital, you’re reading it with a different part of the brain. What makes what I do stand apart is that it’s you creating it in your brain; your brain is actually doing the work. It’s not you just looking at something or having information fed to you. You’re experiencing the depth of the information. You’re having your own experience instead of having it fed to you.” — Debi Cable [0:54:17]

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

“Painting is my meditation—and cutting out a lot of people that stress me out! That is my wellness theory.” — Debi Cable [0:42:04]

Debi’s immersive art makes people happy
Debi’s immersive art makes people happy

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