DesignerCon's Ben Goretsky Tells All!

DesignerCon’s Ben Goretsky Tells All!

DesignerCon 2019 is happening in Anaheim, CA on November 22-24. So, our guest today on the NOT REAL ART podcast the founder Ben Goretsky — the the brains behind DesignerCon and today he will tell all about DesignerCon 2019!

DesignerCon founder Ben Goretsky
Ben Goretsky in the NOT REAL ART studio
designercon in anaheim this nov 22-14
DCON coming this Nov 22-24 in Anaheim, CA

Ben gives us some insight into just how sleep-deprived and excited he is and we talk about the somewhat controversial but ultimately wonderful move to Anaheim from Pasadena.

artist gonzo 247 painting live at designercon 2017
Artist Gonzo 247 painting live at DCON 2017

DESIGNERCON 2019: We talk about what's new, VIP tickets and why this year's event is going to be an all-round kick-ass time!

Ben explains some of the great initiatives that are coming to light in 2019 and bringing back some galleries and exhibitions from exile and near-death!

Ben with ron english and flavor flav
Ben Goretsky with artists Ron English and Flavor Flav

Ben offers some great advice to new vendors and hopefuls for next year, pretty much oozing excitement around the amount of good stuff that is going to be on show very soon.

Warning! Listening to this episode will result in you definitely wanting to attend DESIGNERCON 2019! Listen in to hear all this and more!

Artist Ron English with his babies.

Key Points From This Episode:

• The history behind the Sourdough alias!

• Work in the trenches of preparing for the upcoming DesignerCon.

• Moving the event from Pasadena to the new venue in Anaheim.

• The things that Ben is most excited about this time around.

• VIP tickets, big toy companies and the bigger and better DesignerCon.

• Bringing back vital and almost forgotten galleries from L.A.'s history.

• The number of things to see at the show and taking it all in, over time.

• Ben's recommendation to first time vendors and artists.

• The wonderful opportunity to meet artists in the flesh.

• Some of the success stories of motivation and inspiration that come out of the event.

• A big thanks to the amazing sponsors of this year's DesignerCon.

• The extra special art show that is happening exclusively at the event.

• Looking forward to Ben's appearance at the Not Real Art Conference next year!

• The effect of parenthood on art collection and appreciation.

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