DJ Constantine ‘Connie’ Price’s Soul Picnic Playlists Available on iTunes/Apple Music!

DJ Constantine ‘Connie’ Price’s Soul Picnic Playlists Available on iTunes/Apple Music!

Hey, everybody. Dan Ubick, aka Constantine “Connie” Price, here to let you know that you can now download and listen to all existing and future Soul Picnic playlists on Apple Music or iTunes. In each month’s article, you’ll find a direct link to a 14-song playlist on iTunes, which you can pop on your iPhone when you need some new inspiration or a fresh soundtrack. If you want to revisit past Soul Picnics with the new feature, head to the links below for a refresher. All past and future “Connie” Price-approved Soul Picnic playlists will be there for you when you need them.

Music can get us through so much, and the song that connects with you and fires you up might be right there, waiting. Like Bob Marley so eloquently put it, “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” Here’s to that.

The Conduit Music Podcast

Sunday Chill Out

After a long week we all need some down time—time to put on some headphones and roam the supermarket, clean the kitchen, or just relax in a comfortable chair in the shade with a cold drink. Cool out, you deserve it.

See the playlist here.

Cool Jazz for a Hot Summer

When temperatures head into the 90s and above here in LA, I don’t want to do anything except lie under the ceiling fan with some lemonade, listen to jazz music, and occasionally wander into the kitchen for some food. Take a load off and improvise.

See the playlist here.

Brazilian Summer

Just the sound of Portuguese rolling off the lips of Brazil’s finest singers puts me in the mood for a delicious dinner, a swim in the moonlight, or for telling my wife how lovely she looks in her summer dress.

See the playlist here.

Chunes from Jamaica

The fact that one relatively small island in the West Indies produced so much incredible music boggles the mind. Ska, rocksteady, reggae, rockers, dub … it has many names and incarnations but from any era, Jamaican music just makes you feel good and think about life from a different perspective.

See the playlist here.


Some music makes you want to dance and gets you fired up, and some music relaxes and comforts you like your favorite painting by Van Gogh or Matisse. The songs in this mix are all permanently in my head for when life is stressful, even when the records are on the shelf at home.

See the playlist here.

The Originals

All artists learn from those who came before them and then turn around and create their own musical paella with rhythmic ideas from here and chordal passages from there. In this playlist I focused on songs that inspired other artists and, in some cases, songs that went on to even higher and more exciting levels. In some cases though, the original just couldn’t be outdone.

See the playlist here.

Let’s Rock

Sometimes we have to just let it all go, shake our money-makers, and howl at the moon. For those times, I put together this selection of tunes from the most peacocking, brandy drinking, mind-expanding rockers in the game.

See the playlist here.

Soul Picnic 004

From the boardwalk of Venice Beach and Ardent Studios in Memphis to the Folk Festival at Newport and London, from England and Rio de Janeiro to east Texas and New York City, the artists in this playlist all have one thing in common—lots and lots of soul.

See the playlist here.

Los Angeles

For decades the City Of Angels has produced some of the most forward thinking artists on the planet, so I put together this playlist to pay homage to this incredible melting pot of creative torchbearers that rose to fame in my hometown of Los Angeles.

See the playlist here.

Soul Picnic Playlist 002

Sometimes a collection of songs fits together perfectly like a jigsaw puzzle; sometimes they are sewn together into a quirky country patchwork quilt. I love each of these songs for different reasons, but they all have one thing in common—great songwriting and tons of heart.

See the playlist here.

Soul Picnic Playlist 001

Truly a soul picnic with all the fixins: Something sweet, something nostalgic, something spicy, and something salty. From New Orleans, Memphis, and Atlanta to Los Angeles, Detroit, and Arkansas, the recipes in this playlist of songs clearly go back generations and have flavor for days. Enjoy!

See the playlist here.

The Last Word: Spotify, Apple Music/iTunes, YouTube, and other streaming services are great tools, but streaming doesn’t pay artists a living wage. If you love these songs, please buy physical copies if you’re able so these amazing artists can continue making the music we cherish. Much love, catch you on the flip side.

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