Dolby Atmos with Ellis Reid

Dolby Atmos with Ellis Reid

Dolby Labs is now busy creating rich immersive audio and visual entertainment experiences for all of us to enjoy.

“We care about the experience.” — @Ellis_Reid [0:11:36.0]

In this episode, Ellis Reid, Dolby Senior Industry Marketing Manager, is going to help us understand what the their brand means in today's world. Because, if you are old enough to remember cassettes, you will remember the Dolby noise reduction switch on them. This humble beginning was the foundation for this incredibly innovative company

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Ellis walks us through Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos and how they take entertainment to a whole new level. He shares some examples of how this technology has been deployed, and how it has changed the game completely. We talk about movies, sport, music, gaming, and even podcasts. There is no entertainment stone left unturned. Ellis also discusses the importance of making this technology accessible to creatives because this is where it will truly shine. With the growth in digitization of art and music production, the next big creatives are probably producing from their bedrooms, so the sooner they have access to these incredible tools, the better. Be sure to tune in today to find out more about these jaw-dropping innovations!

Dolby Atmos + Dolby Vision
Dolby Atmos + Dolby Vision

“Dolby is unique in that we work with the creatives, we work with the service providers that deliver stuff across the networks, and the we work with the playback devices. It doesn't work if you don't have all three pieces in that chain. So, right now, we are looking at bringing the creatives on board, showing them the tools because then these creatives start to come up with using these things in new ways that we hadn't thought of, nor should we. We're just giving them a way to express their creative energy.” — @Ellis_Reid [0:29:15.0]

About Dolby Atmos

Key Points From This Dolby Episode:

  • Why the pandemic has been such a great time for Dolby; everyone is working from home.
  • Dolby does not only work in the sound space; they work with visuals too.
  • Some of the incredible innovations in the visual space.
  • Dolby wants to enhance the overall experience of entertainment.
  • How Dolby Vision works to create an at-home cinematic experience.
  • A look at Dolby Atmos and how it enhances the auditory experience.
  • The platforms and devices that currently support Atmos music.
  • These ideas were around for many years; it was figuring out how to make it happen that took time
  • Why it was so important to make Atmos technology compatible with headphones.
  • An example of how Atmos has been used during English soccer games during the pandemic.
  • Why an important part of Ellis's job is bringing creatives on board.
  • An exciting project Ellis is working on with flutist, Nicole Mitchell.
  • As the technology gets into the hands of more creatives, more innovation will occur.
  • What the next frontier for Atmos is; the world of gaming.
  • Atmos developments in the podcast space; it's growing quickly!
  • Why Roma is an excellent cinematic example of how Atmos can be used.
  • What Ellis's role at Dolby entails and his journey to this incredible position.
  • As the technology becomes available to the ordinary person, it's going to blow up even more.
  • Entertainment is more important than ever and a way for people to stay connected now.

“There's already podcasts today being done in Dolby Atmos.” — @Ellis_Reid [0:34:32.0]

The Atmos immersive experience

“Improving the headphone experience really goes across everything.” — @Ellis_Reid [0:41:06.0]

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“A lot of people don't know what Dolby is and what Dolby does. They remember the little button on their cassette tape, the little switch that you flip one way and it's got a little bit quiet. But Dolby is doing so much more and there's so many experiences we enable.” — @Ellis_Reid [0:43:32.0]

Meek Mill on Atmos

“The next big star could be sitting in their bedroom right now, mixing on some headphones. We want to get that.” — @Ellis_Reid [0:49:51.0]

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