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The NOT REAL ART Grant for Artists: Fueling Creativity

Provides financial awards to artists for new projects, helping them to bring innovative ideas to fruition and gain recognition in the art world.

The NOT REAL ART School: Educational Empowerment

Offers online courses that equip artists with critical business skills, bridging the gap between artistic passion and entrepreneurial success.

The NOT REAL ART Podcast: Conversations With The World's Most Creative People

Features diverse shows that delve into the minds of creative professionals, offering insights, inspiration, and industry knowledge.

The NOT REAL ART Blog: Showcasing Independent Artists & Voices

Editorial features like Q+Art comprising artists interviews and profiles highlighting artist journeys, challenges, and triumphs. First Fridays online exhibitions presenting diverse artists and curated thematic artwork. The exclusive video series REMOTE by Badir McCleary exploring public art installations around the world, bringing viewers into the artists' world and showcasing the impact of art in public spaces.

Together, our team embodies the spirit of NOT REAL ART, working tirelessly to ensure that each artist and every piece of art receives the attention and platform they deserve. Your generous donations empower us to continue this important work and make a lasting impact on the arts.


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Our founder, Scott "Sourdough" Power, is the creative force behind NOT REAL ART and Crewest Studio. With a rich history in the arts and as host of the NOT REAL ART podcast, Scott infuses the platform with vision and voice. 

Morgan Laurens, our Editor-in-Chief, harnesses her expertise in narrative storytelling and grant writing to celebrate mission-driven artists and arts organizations. 

Legal Advisor Joshua Wattles, with his deep experience from DeviantArt and Paramount Studios, ensures we navigate the art world with informed guidance. 

Digital Strategist Juergen Berkessel directs our digital presence with a keen eye for innovation and engagement, bringing a multi-talented approach to our digital strategy and content marketing. 

Kirsten Bengtson-Lykoudis, our Exhibitions Data & Curator, curates our digital archives and connects with the artists' community, bringing stories and artwork to the forefront.


What Artists Say About Us

Deepest Gratitude!

I want to send my deepest gratitude for your publication of the Q&A. I was really honored and so happy with your thoughtful analysis of my paintings in the introduction. I think it's my favorite thing anyone has ever written about the work! Thank you so much for your keen observation, understanding, and evocative descriptions.


I hope you're having a great day, I sure am. I just read the article on NOT REAL ART about our interview and I loved it. Thank you so much for the feature, the time, and the effort, I really appreciate it. You did an amazing job! I loved the introduction and how you described my work. Thank you.

Brenda Maria Fernandez

Looks fantastic! Really great short summary of the work. Thank you for putting the work into understanding the different aspects of the project.

Jake Elwes

Love it. Your POV is perfect. Thanks for this stunning bio profiling my work documenting those influencing online culture.

Jared Hendler

Wow! This is so amazing! So beautifully said!  I’m just in awe. Wow. What you wrote is very beautiful. The way you describe someone's process is so clever and brilliant. 

Erin Naifeh

Thank you so much for your thoughtful and generous writing!! I feel so honored! Thank you again for being interested in my work and for writing about it with such care.

Ashely Eliza Williams

This is absolutely fantastic. Thank you again for taking the time to examine the themes in my work as closely as you have here. Everything looks good to me, and I think with the update you've captured the spirit of my work quite well. I can't wait to share this article with my followers once it's published!

Adrian Cox

It looks amazing, thank you for the write up, you did a beautiful job! Thanks again for your stellar writing. I really enjoyed reading your interpretations—super spot on!!

Rosabel Rosalind


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