Dreaming Up Gadgets with Michael Moore

Michael Moore, a creative-to-the-core who fabricates amazing pieces of art as a side hustle. He works a full time job, but he is a true creative polymath who plays music while also making industrial and military-style gadgets with random materials he puts together in imaginative ways. Michael chats about splitting his time between working in the steel mines and creating objects from the inspiration he draws from various places.

Being a multidisciplinary artist, Michael talks about his love for playing the guitar and being part of the band Digital Hair and reveals a few of his favorite musicians. Like a true artist, Michael explains why his art is not about making money and why he is more interested in getting greater exposure and sharing his work with other parts of the world. We talk about the difference between coming up with something truly original and simply replicating what others are doing and conclude that there is probably a place for both. We get into the difficult topic of pricing and making a living as an artist and look at it from all different angles. Be sure to join this conversation where we once again celebrate the rise of the creative class!

 Original Moore Gadget Design

Original Moore Gadget Design


Key Points from This Episode:

•    The whimsical nature of his artworks and how they inspire curiosity and playfulness.

•    Examples of his eclectic pieces, naming them and getting attached to each.

•    The Indiana economy and working in the ovens of the steel mill.

•    Michael’s many hobbies, including hunting, riding his motorcycle, writing and recording.

•    Feeding the soul and the need for artists to develop and maintain a creative outlet.

•    Being part of Digital Hair and what performances meant to him emotionally.

•    Finding his inspiration in junk yards, old buildings and in weird beat up objects.

•    The validation of having one of his artworks praised by Jeff Tweedy.

•    The continuum between artists and entertainers and their relationship to originality.

•    Why there needs to be greater community in the independent art community.

•    Not Real Art as a platform for artists to get their story told.

•    Demystifying the money issue, pricing and why artists should not undercharge.

•    Advice for people who are starting out on an art form.

•    And much more!

 Original Moore Gadget Design (custom made for the Not Real Art Studio) Original Moore Gadget Design (custom made for the Not Real Art Studio)  Original Moore Gadget Designs Original Moore Gadget Designs

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 Original Moore Gadget Design Original Moore Gadget Design

 Original Moore Gadget Design Original Moore Gadget Design

Scott "Sourdough" Power

Scott “Sourdough” Power is the the creator and executive producer of NotRealArt.com. He is also the co-founder of Crewest Studio a digital media company in Los Angeles dedicated to creative culture and the $2T creative economy.