Confidence, Cohesion, and Team-Building: What Artists Can Learn From Dress Rehearsal [Podcast] cover

Confidence, Cohesion, and Team-Building: What Artists Can Learn From Dress Rehearsal [Podcast]

Performing for a live audience in a new, unpredictable setting requires tremendous concentration. The stage is bigger than your studio, someone sneezes or coughs, a cell phone rings, and your costume is way itchier than your practice sweats. How do you stay focused when your performance space is full of distractions and irrelevant stimuli? Enter the dress rehearsal.

“A dress rehearsal will give you information that you just can't get otherwise,” says host and NOT REAL ART founder Scott “Sourdough” Power, who discusses the benefits of rehearsing a dry run in today’s podcast episode. “[Making] the effort to go through the motions and do the dress rehearsal is going to be hugely powerful for you in terms of giving you confidence, empowering you, and giving you agency.”

Dress rehearsals aren’t just beneficial to those in the performing arts. Anyone can benefit from a confidence boost before a nerve-racking event. “If you find yourself in a situation where you're nervous, you've got a big meeting, you've got a big interview, you've got a big presentation, and you want to alleviate or mitigate some of those nerves, some of that anxiety, do a dress rehearsal,” says Scott, who tells listeners about a successful dress rehearsal of his own in this episode.

Scott doles out practical advice for making the most of your rehearsal, so whether you’ve got a big presentation, interview, or performance coming up, this episode is here to help.

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Scott "Sourdough" Power

Scott “Sourdough” Power is the the creator and executive producer of NotRealArt.com. He is also the co-founder of Crewest Studio a digital media company in Los Angeles dedicated to creative culture and the $2T creative economy.