Jorge Guitierrez

Emmy Award Winning Artist, Jorge Gutierrez on the NOT REAL ART Podcast!

Today’s episode is really special because we haveEmmy Award winner Jorge Gutierrez with us.  Jorge is a Mexican animator, painter, writer and director who, along with his wife Sandra Equihua, created the multiple Annie and Emmy Award winning animated television series, El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera, for Nickelodeon. Born in Mexico City and raised in Tijuana, Jorge has completed various films, cartoons, illustrations and paintings exploring his love affair with Mexican pop and folk culture. With an unmistakable can-do attitude, Jorge shares how he views feedback as an opportunity to improve and how he has learned to put his ego aside during the alchemical process of working through and incorporating the suggestions of others. He explains what he finds challenging about working for someone else and why he is willing to play any part in the film production process to serve the greater vision. We also dive into the invaluable lessons he’s learned at art school, how his challenges as a Latino immigrant made him stronger and how fear has been a positive driving force in his life. Finally, Jorge reminds us about the importance of falling in love with the process instead of always focusing on the end result. So be sure to join us today for expert insight and a good laugh!

Key Points From This Episode:

•    What to expect from the upcoming Not Real Art Conference.

•    Where Sourdough’s name comes from.

•    The importance of putting your ego aside in your creative work.

•    Synthesizing and distilling colleagues’ commentary on his writing.

•    Why there’s no cheat sheet to writing.

•    How he broke out of the boxes in the industry.

•    The problem with art schools not always offering integrated classes.

•    Why specializing is not necessarily the best option.

•    The problem with many artists.

•    Competing by outworking.

•    The fall of 2D and the rise of CG animation.

•    How schooling is no guarantee for work.

•    The challenges of being a Latino immigrant.

•    More about his father’s influence in his life.

•    The role of family.

•    Why Generation X is very pragmatic.

•    Learning form failure and hard work.

•    Focusing on the process, not the result.

•    Jorge’s first solo art show.

•    And much more!

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