Graffiti Artist Man One Returns for the First Episode of the NOT REAL ART Podcast [Podcast] cover

Graffiti Artist Man One Returns for the First Episode of the NOT REAL ART Podcast [Podcast]

Editor’s note: An earlier version of this episode ran in July 2018 and has been updated with a new introduction.

Every month, NOT REAL ART digs through its archive of podcast episodes in search of buried conversational gems with artists and creative entrepreneurs. In today’s very special replay, we go back to where it all began: the first episode of the NOT REAL ART podcast with co-founders Scott “Sourdough” Power and Man One.

“The last thing the world needs is another podcast,” Scott says in the original episode. “The last thing anybody has time for is another podcast, and here we are, podcasting. It says something about our stubbornness, tenacity, and resilience to fight through, break out, and show people how it's done.”

While the first episode isn’t quite as polished as the podcast you’ve come to know and love, the camaraderie between Scott and graffiti artist Man One is undeniable, as is their passion for art. “It cracks me up because, of course, it’s a mess,” Scott confesses in the episode’s updated introduction. “But you know what? It may be the most fun episode because I remember how fun it was that day for Man One and I to set up and record our first episode. We didn't know what the hell we were doing. We were complete amateurs, but we had so much fun.”

Tune in today’s episode for a surreal blast from the past as Scott and Man One find their footing in the world of podcasting. The two friends discuss the origins of the podcast’s name—“It's pretty obvious that we're in the world of ‘not real art’ because we're making ‘not real money,’” says Man One—and chat about solving the world’s problems, one episode at a time. “We live in a time that feels very unreal on many levels,” says Scott. So NOT REAL ART, the podcast, feels appropriate.”

Graffiti artist Man One (r) joins Scott ‘Sourdough’ Power for the first episode of the NOT REAL ART podcast.

Man One: Website | Instagram

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