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Graffiti The City’s Javie Lopez Does The Work

While the pandemic has taken a lot away, it has also gifted many of us with extra time to pursue our passions. This is how today’s guest, Javie Lopez of Graffiti The City, views the forced downtime in 2020, and he has been grinding harder than ever before.

As a consummate multi-hyphenate, Javie is an artist, producer, DJ, videographer, director, and Founder and Creative Director of Graffiti The City. Along with this, he is a great friend, a die-hard supporter of the arts, and all-round dope, positive guy.

Graffiti The City Snapback
Graffiti The City Snapback

“An artist’s worst enemy is overthinking shit. That will hold you back for years.” — @javielopez [0:29:59.0]

In this episode, we talk about how he has been making the most of a clearer than usual schedule and the importance of not making excuses and staying savvy. Things will eventually find their way back to normal, so you might as well stay ahead of the game.

Dahlia Coronado
Dahlia Coronado

“As soon as this machine turns back on, you got to be right there. If you want to be in the game, you got to be ready.” — @javielopez [0:08:32.0]

We also chat about his record label and his hesitation to strike out on his own. Being the standup man he is, Javie wanted to make sure he could do good by all the artists he signed. Although Javie is killing it in many ways right now, he admits that he has not always used his time effectively, and we talk about how artists can move past overthinking and feeling discouraged to use every hour in the day the best they can. He is an OG but respects how the younger generation of artists puts stuff out there before it is properly polished, something he could never do when he was young.

GTC LA Hoodie
GTC LA Hoodie

Our conversation also touches on the exciting work Graffiti The City has in the pipeline, why artists need to start working on their businesses more, and where the art world is headed. Don't miss out!

“We’re living in a different time and you just got to do it, man. When I really started my brand and everything, I decided I really can’t waste any time. I’ve already wasted a lot of time in my life, back in the day, fucking around and doing whatever. We're not going to live 200 years, so you got to do your shit because I just don’t want to be one of those people who has a lot of excuses and shit. I would say just do the fucking work. Because you got to do it now.” — @javielopez [0:09:52.0]

Graffiti The City
Graffiti The City

Key Points From This Graffiti The City Episode:

  • How Javie kept busy in 2020 and the challenge he had helping his daughter with schoolwork.
  • The importance of making the most out of this forced downtime we have been gifted.
  • It can be hard to work in a self-directed way, but artists have to figure it out.
  • Hear about the work Javie is doing with Dahlia Coronado, the first MC he signed to his record label.
  • Some of the other musical ventures Graffiti The City is undertaking.
  • The story of how Javie met Dahlia when he was working as an Uber driver.
  • Why Javie was so careful about starting a record label.
  • Javie’s approach to video production and his passion for doing it all.
  • Artists need to get past analysis paralysis and put work out, rather than waiting for ‘perfection’.
  • Finding the balance between hating on and praising the younger generation of artists.
  • How technology has democratized artistic production and expression.
  • The importance of not placing too much emphasis on social media follower numbers.
  • Why having his daughter helped give Javie the push he needed to start Graffiti The City.
  • Lessons Javie has learned over the years about negative energy and staying away from it.
  • Products, projects, and collaborations Graffiti The City is working on at the moment.
  • L.A. versus Miami: The difference between these two art worlds.
  • Sourdough’s insights into the future of the L.A. art world: Artists need to take more responsibility.
  • Being a professional artist requires both business and artistic acumen.
  • How Javie has dealt with feeling discouraged and his advice to other artists.
  • Where to find Javie and Graffiti The City online.
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