About the Grant: More Than Money

The NOT REAL ART Grant for Artists is a $12,000 annual award designed to empower the practice of emerging contemporary artists. Launched in 2019,  we don't just give our grant winners money and say goodbye.


NOT REAL ART Grant winners get a platform and community to tell their stories and promote their work. We feature our winners on our podcast, we interview them and create feature articles about them on our blog. And, we curate an art exhibition featuring their art work.

Albert Willis - Artwork 4

Daniela Garcia - Artwork 5

Albert Willis - Artwork 3

Carmen Mardonez

John Chang - Artwork 2 2

Carmen Mardonez - Artwork 4

Daniela Garcia - Artwork 4

Carmen Mardonez - Artwork 3

Carmen Mardonez - Artwork 1

Albert Willis - Artwork 2

John Chang - Artwork 3

Carmen Mardonez

John Chang - Artwork 4

Daniela Garcia - Artwork 1

John Chang - Artwork 2

Daniela Garcia - Artwork 3

Daniela Garcia - Artwork 2

John Chang - Artwork 3 2

John Chang - Artwork 5

Nadyia Duff - Artwork 2

Nadyia Duff - Artwork 3

Nadyia Duff - Artwork 4

Nadyia Duff - Artwork 5

Nadyia Duff - Artwork 6

Natalia Villanueva - Artwork 1

Natalia Villanueva - Artwork 2

Natalia Villanueva - Artwork 3

Natalia Villanueva - Artwork 5

About Our Judges

Our esteemed panel of judges in 2021 each share deep professional experience in the contemporary arts. These ten judges bring unique, eclectic points-of-view to the serious work of evaluating our hundreds of grant applicants.

Learn More About Our
Previous Grant Winners 

NOT REAL ART Announces Its 2020 Grant Recipients: 

It’s the kind of news everyone wants to receive at least once in their life – getting the news “you won!”. Today, six visual artists are about to get such positive news as they read this piece to learn they are the recipients of the 2020 NOT REAL ART Grant.

NOT REAL ART aspires to honor artists invaluable contributions to human culture by empowering their careers in meaningful, thoughtful and relevant ways. As an organization, NOT REAL ART exists to celebrate and elevate creative culture by empowering artists, helping artists tell their stories and promote their art.

Our 2019
Grant Recipients

  • Tayla Coviello
  • Marguerite Kalhor
  • Beth Abaravich
  • Edmund Arevalo
  • Juliana Bustillo
  • Karen Fiorito
  • Jessie Noguchi
  • Rachel O’Donnell
  • Maria Belseiro
  • Eben Eldridge
  • Monica Leal Cueva
  • Anthony Louis-Just

What Participating Artists Have To Say:

The many benefits of participating in the Grant process go beyond the chance of winning some grant money. Hear from some of the artists who joined our diverse community: 

Well done…


This build-up to the "big announcement" is kind of nice! Even if I get it I appreciate the anticipation and recognition. I also love the concept since so much of our work is hard to define or categorize, as art should be, not the exception. Well done!

Sarah Madeleine T. Guerin - Artist

Great overall


I’ve found the experience with the NOT REAL ART Grant to be great overall! Not once have I felt out of the loop, every email is informative and interesting! I really appreciate being regularly updated on the current status of the application, as well as new and exciting events!

Leandra Brandson - Artist

You keep us informed…


“I actually enjoy the weekly emails and I look forward to them. I think it is great that you keep us all informed.

Jessica Braun - Artist

No complaints!


No complaints and especially thank you for the (weekly) Monday emails.

Jada Fabrizio - Artist

I felt understood as an artist…


I really enjoyed the process of applying to this grant. Unlike some other grants, I felt understood as an artist. I also really appreciate the frequent email (updates) which keep us in the loop. I truly feel part of this process, regardless of the results. It really makes me want to be a part of this community.

Diane Navarro - Artist

Your updates make me feel involved and appreciated


It’s wonderful to be updated on the status of the grant process. Many times, when you submit for a grant, you don’t hear anything. This can be very nerve wrecking. The updates make the artist feel more involved and appreciated.

Miriam Kruishoop - Artist

Thank you!


Appreciate the grant and how easy the process has been. I enjoy the email updates and newsletters. Thank you!

Nadia Marie Belvanson - Artist

Thank you for the great experience


I’ve been so anxious throughout this whole process, but in a good way! This is the first grant I’ve ever applied for and I wasn’t sure how the experience was going to go. I want to thank you for the great experience and for being so informative.

Sabrina Hairston - Artist

I loved the podcasts too


This experience has been great! I loved the podcasts too!

Sherry Knutson - Artist

Thank you for all you do


The submission process was straight forward and you provided a way for video to be viewed which can sometimes be a challenge in submission processes. Thank you for all you do and for your support of the arts!

Carmen Menza - Artist

Not looking for trophies


Instead of an "art trophy" for winners, why not just add more to cash the grant award? Pretty sure grant applicants are not looking for trophies.

Joseph Weinzettle - Artist

Will there be cake?


Overall, you are doing okay. However, all the emails revving us up for "the big announcement," triggers a stress response in me. I don’t want to be wound up and revved up for yet another rejection. It’s like dealing with my aging cat sitting at the door. In or out? Make up your mind. Will there be cake afterwards? I do better with cake.

Terri Lloyd - Artist

How To Apply: Questions?

  • The Grant Application process is simple, you submit your contact details, a brief bio, your artist statement and pictures or graphics of up to 5 pieces you wish to submit for consideration.
  • We suggest you get all of your materials and images ready before filing your application using the online form. 
  • We will be in touch to confirm receipt of your application.

2022 Applications Are Opening Soon...

We’ll post important additional details and updates about the 2022 grant application process. In the meantime feel free to ask any questions by contacting us below:


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