Gringo & The Man Ride Again!

Gringo & The Man Ride Again!

We are back again with the Not Real Art podcast and today’s show is a special one because Sourdough and ManOne finally got the chance to sit back and shoot the breeze together. The two OGs are back with another installment of Gringo & the Man! Have you guessed who the Gringo is yet?

“Maybe virtual technology will save the world in the end because it will just keep people apart.” — Sourdough [0:40:24]

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The vibe is always electric when these two get together and today’s show is no different. You’ll hear our hosts talk about everything from UFO sightings to the evils of Neoliberalism and everything in between.

“That’s what I love about our friendship. I’ve known you since 2003 and you still break out with stories I have never heard.” — Sourdough [1:04:54]

We kick the show off with some definitions (because you know we are all about the formalities here). Man One lets us know exactly what a Gringo is and Sourdough tells us why he is happy to don the term with pride.

“There is a Wikipedia about ‘Gringo’. It says ‘Foreigner from the perspective of Ibero-Americans. It is sometimes used pejoratively by Spanish speakers and in English, it can carry negative connotations. Possible other connotations may include monolingualism or a lack of understanding of Hispanic culture.’” — @ManOneArt [0:04:52]

We talk about why Humboldt University should have a blunt as a mascot, how badass Navy SEALS are, and what to expect from The Matrix Resurrections. ManOne also shares a bunch of hilarious travel stories involving nude beaches in Dubrovnik and bouncers putting drunken macho men to sleep in London. So for all this and more, join Gringo and The Man today!

Key Points From This Gringo & The Man Episode:

  • The roots of the word ‘Gringo’ and why Sourdough is proud to wear the label.
  • ManOne talks about his trip to Northern California; Bigfoot culture and a lack of diversity.
  • What the mascots at Humboldt University should look like considering how much weed people smoke there.
  • Jokes about trying unsuccessfully to get quality cell phone footage of Bigfoot and aliens.
  • Updates in the tech sphere; what is happening with Blackberry, Apple, and Samsung devices.
  • How gimmicky some updates are and how sad it is that people lap them up.
  • Whether it is wise to be an early adopter and how our hosts approach buying new phones.
  • Spyware that is spreading in Apple devices and the need to update one’s technology.
  • How the giant tech firms defy Capitalism in its true sense.
  • The unfairness of a new bank account auditing rule that bypasses billionaires.
  • Thoughts on corruption across the board and how broken the American system is.
  • What the new Matrix film might be like and how good the trailer for The Rescue is.
  • How extreme the cave rescue that The Rescuedocuments was.
  • ManOne’s experiences in Dubrovnik finding albino crabs in a cave he explored.
  • Stories about Navy SEAL training and the killing machines the U.S. government is able to create.
  • A time where ManOne was in London and saw a bouncer quell an aggressive drunk guy.
  • Thoughts on why big guys always want to fight and prove who is tougher.

“I am proud to be labeled Gringo. I don’t mind being the butt of the joke because you know what? I am comfortable with who I am. I understand that I am not perfect. I understand that I don’t have all the answers. I understand that I am a flawed human being. I am comfortable with the pejorative term. Apparently, white people are now being offended by being called white people. I’m just like, ‘Okay now this shit is…’” — Sourdough[0:07:11]

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