Gringo & The Man: Artists Sourdough and Man One Make History in Race Relations

Gringo & The Man: Artists Sourdough and Man One Make History in Race Relations

In this special episode of the NOT REAL ART podcast, our original co-host, artist Man One, is back to launch our new segment with Scott “Sourdough” Power called Gringo & The Man. Now, for the first time in podcast history, you can hear a middle-aged white dude and an O.G. Latino graffiti artist talk about living in a world gone loco!

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The premiere of Gringo & The Man takes NOT REAL ART back to its roots, to a time when Sourdough & Man One just hung out, talking about whatever they want on the podcast, and having a good time.

Man One (The Man) and Scott “Sourdough” Power (The Gringo)

Nothing is off-limits with Gringo & The Man!

GenXers from Chicago and L.A. respectively, Gringo (aka Scott “Sourdough” Power ) & The Man (aka Man One) bring their devil-may-care attitude to discussing contemporary culture. Long time friends, Sourdough and Man One’s banter is what you'd expect from two dudes who grew up in The Eighties. (Warning: Gringo & The Man may not be appropriate for those easily triggered.)

“Mexican people, they love the gringos. It's a term of affection.” — @ManOneArt [0:13:10.0]

In this first episode, the dos amigos discuss the curious name of their segment and wonder if anyone will understand the cultural reference. Man One shares more about gringos in Mexico and tells some hilarious stories from Spring Break. Then, they dive into Man One’s quest for an assistant or intern, and he talks about some of the character traits he looks for in those who help him. The wide-ranging conversation also touches on raising kids, the drawbacks of technology, and more of Man One’s tales from Mexico. We are so excited about this new project, so tune in today to hear it all!

Back in the early days of the NOT REAL ART podcast
Back in the early days of the NOT REAL ART podcast

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Hear about Man One’s colorful family tree.
  • What the typical gringo on vacation in Mexico looks like.
  • Talking about how many people will understand the reference Gringo and the Man draws on.
  • The importance of fucking shit up to shake things up.
  • Brainstorming whether or not we should drink tequila during this segment.
  • How older Mexican people view partnering with a gringo.
  • Man One’s experience of going on Spring Break to Mexico with white people from his high school
  • A terrifying story of Google Translate gone wrong.
  • So many people across Europe are polyglots.
  • What we will do when Sourdough’s gringo privilege rears its head.
  • Find out whether Man One is a sentimental person.
  • Hear about how Man One pays attention to detail.
  • The criteria Man One looks for in an assistant or intern.
  • The catch 22 of hiring someone to help you with your art practice.
  • Hear about what a VA is and how this could help if you need to delegate tasks.
  • Gaming is a whole world separate from the real world, and people are getting left behind.
  • How Sourdough feels about technology and his children immersing themselves in it.
  • Before, playing outside was cool, but now gaming is cool.
  • The difficult decision parents have to make when allowing their children to have social media.
  • Technology is no longer viewed as a tool; it’s seen as entertainment.
  • At the end of the day, it is about raising a mentally healthy child.
  • Man One shares more stories from Mexico.
  • We can now tell our wives we are going to record these episodes
Gringo & The Man
Gringo & The Man: Can you guess who the gringo is?

Scott "Sourdough" Power

Scott “Sourdough” Power is the the creator and executive producer of NotRealArt.com. He is also the co-founder of Crewest Studio a digital media company in Los Angeles dedicated to creative culture and the $2T creative economy.