Louise Glickman On Creating Artsville

Louise Glickman On Creating Artsville

In today’s episode of the Not Real Art Podcast, return guest Louise Glickman shares the story behind her organization Sand Hill Artists Collective (SHAC), and it’s recent collaboration with Crewest Studio on a new podcast called Artsville, which celebrates American contemporary arts and crafts from Asheville, North Carolina, and beyond.

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Louise Glickman is a mostly self-taught artist who began her creative adventures by studying fashion design and retail marketing. Her love for her community in Asheville reflects her worldview and has compelled her to not only examine but embrace people and cultures, to bring them together through art, culture, and activism.

Artsville USA

“Asheville has always been a place for art and healing and also of training, particularly women to do weaving and to support themselves financially, for hundreds of years. That history feeds into where we are now and where our future will go.” — Louise Glickman [0:15:20]

Coming soon! The Artsville Podcast, celebrating Contemporary Arts & Crafts from Asheville and beyond
Marquee Art + Design Center
Marquee Art + Design Center, Asheville, NC
Artsville booth at Marquee sponsored by Sandhill Artists Collective and Crewest Studio

In this episode, we find out how Sandhill Artists Collective (SHAC) supports artists from the greater Western North Carolina region, not just the city of Asheville, and the important role that storytelling and culture plays in arts communities. You’ll also learn about some of their recent exhibitions and exciting developments, including the brand new Artsville Collective gallery inside Marquee in the River Arts District, plus so much more! Tune in today.

“We realized that there were more opportunities and benefits that we could provide artists in a simpler format. We’ve boiled it down to three things: we show, we tell, and we talk. The show will be at this new – it’s more than a studio. It’s really an indoor, European-style street market. It’s a 50,000 square foot warehouse that is being renovated [and] retrofitted to show over 80 artists year-round, so even when the weather is not perfect here, there is still opportunity.” — Louise Glickman [0:10:02]

Sourdough speaking at the 2021 Spring SHAC fundraiser in Ashville, NC
Scott “Sourdough” Power of Crewest Studio speaking at the 2021 Spring SHAC fundraiser in Asheville, NC

Key Points From This Louise Glickman Episode:

  • Hear the juicy details about the brand new Artsville Podcast.
  • The impetus behind founding SHAC and what the collective hopes to achieve.
  • Learn more about the new Artsville Collective inside Marquee in the River Arts District.
  • How SHAC shows, tells, and talks about Asheville talent through their blog and Not Real Art.
  • Insight into the history of Asheville and how it informs the present and future of SHAC.
  • What Louise learned about rich cultural storytelling from her background in marketing.
  • Why she believes that the best stories come from smaller cities or communities.
  • How SHAC works with emerging artists and organizations to make art visible.
  • The opportunities SHAC creates for people to see art in a time when travel is restricted.
  • How the Artsville Podcast provides an opportunity for Asheville artists to share their stories.
  • Louise and Sourdough share some of their personal stories from Asheville.

“Not everybody can be an arts community just because they want to be. There is an historical basis that had to be brought together in the story to develop it in an authentic way.” — Louise Glickman [0:17:54]

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

“Ultimately, we want our artists to grow and be sustainable themselves, to have an economic impact from what they’re doing. That, of course, includes selling. We want to tell people about the art and we want to provide visual opportunities for them to see it. Travel has become more and more complicated and difficult these days and there is no reason now with all the digital, virtual, [and] online components that we have at our fingertips that people [can’t see the art]. We want people to come [to Asheville], but they don’t have to [come here] to enjoy the craft, the art, the culture that we offer.” — Louise Glickman [0:22:02]

Scott "Sourdough" Power

Scott “Sourdough” Power is the the creator and executive producer of NotRealArt.com. He is also the co-founder of Crewest Studio a digital media company in Los Angeles dedicated to creative culture and the $2T creative economy.