Man One Returns from Japan!

Man One Returns from Japan!

Today we are so happy to be welcome back Man One! He has been gallivanting all over the world and in particular had an amazing research trip to Asia, spending time in Hong Kong and Tokyo for an upcoming job he is working on with RTI.

The trip was so special and inspiring in many ways and we reflect on the highlights and talking points from the experience. The conversation covers cultural exchange and embracing difference, a ton of interesting observations that Man One made around norms and practices, and the art scene in both the major cities he visited.

Man One in Kyoto, Japan
Photographer: Jase Bloor | Source: Unsplash

We also get into why the Japanese offer pay per view golf in their hotels, an amazing venue in Tokyo where Man One spent time, and trash trucks that play music on their garbage routes! Man One also reminisces about his time in Osaka in 1999 and painting with design students in the mountains, contrasting that experience with this trip, twenty years later. For all this and then some, be sure to join us on the Not Real Art Podcast, today!

Key Points From The Man One Returns Episode:

  • Man One's recent trip to Hong Kong and Japan and what he got up to.
  • The importance of relationships in business and career development.
  • How Man One visited Japan in 1999 to teach graffiti to design students.
  • Pay per view golf in Japanese hotels and the strange reason it even exists.
  • Trash trucks, respect for the blind and how different cultures approach death.
  • The bar that Man One visited in Tokyo and the surprising guest who was there.
  • The Japanese art scene, bombing and the maintenance of the city.
  • Street art in Hong Kong and the local approach and intention behind it.
  • Mile long escalators, Tesla Ubers and a driver with ten phones.
  • No matter where you go in the world outside the US, people know that you are American.
  • The life-size Gundam site that Man One had always want to visit.
  • And much more!

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