Michael “Fish” Herring: Going On Tour with a Real Life Guitar Hero

Fish on tour with the Backstreet Boys

Life on the Road — and in the Studio — with Michael Fish Herring!

We are joined today by the amazing and illustrious guitar hero, Michael Fish Herring! From touting with Prince and Christina Aguilera to in-studio work and developing younger artists, Fish has pretty much done it all.

With years in the game and a strong dedication to his craft and the art-form, our guest has so much to share about his experiences and ideas around creativity. We chat about some exciting projects he has been working on recently, early experiences with music growing up and, of course, some interesting insider stories from life on the road.

Michael Fish Herring plays his acoustic guitar
Michael Fish Herring doing some pickin' in our podcast studio

Fish tells us about his creative process, his home studio and how rewarding it is to see his son showing a passion for the arts. We also discuss the technical side of his music, pedal rigs and all the work that goes on behind the scenes.

We finish off the discussion considering the more philosophical and social sides of different art-forms and the important part it plays in a functioning society. For this great chat with our friend, be sure to join us on the Not Real Art Podcast.

Key Points From This Episode:

• Fish's most recent tours and his work with big-name artists.

• The Nickelodeon musical show that Fish has been working on.

• Music in family and finding a job as a musician at an early age.

• Fish's first band called Psychedelic Mushroom!

• Raising children in Los Angeles; the good and the bad parts.

• The art of guitar tech! Some of the great wizards who fulfill this role.

• Pedalboards, complicated rigs and the dangers of complex wiring.

• Fish's creative process, coming up with ideas and jotting them down as memos.

• A really exciting new artist that Fish has been working with recently.

• The music business as it is now; Soundcloud, royalties and access.

• The Berlin street art scene, anonymity and getting paid in the creative game.

• The responsibility fo the individual and their duty to the larger community.

• Art's role in feeding the soul and transforming the world around us.

• And much more!

Fish playing in the recording studio

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