Miss Art World Confesses: She Was Once a Mime!

Miss Art World Confesses: She Was Once a Mime!

Performance Art, Pageants, and the Powerful Message Behind Miss Art World. Welcome to another episode of Not Real Art! Joining us today is conceptual artist and fellow podcaster Katherine Cooksey, aka Miss Art World. With a new show coming out in a few days, she is excited to share a bit about what the audience can expect from the show, what performance art entails, her approach to each performance and why it is the purest of all art forms.

From an early age, Katherine was drawn to all things feminine and got into the world of pageants, and together with her miming training, discovered the possibilities of artistic expression using her own body. But Katherine is also a feminist who communicates strong pro-feminist messages through her work, and her Miss Art World brand is the coming together of her love of art, girly things and carrying out the message of female empowerment. We talk about the important role of art education, the responsibility that teachers have in molding and encouraging kids in their artistic endeavors and why it is a problem that many artists lack basic business skills. Katherine is a phenomenal woman and a role model to aspiring artists — another brilliant episode not to be missed!

miss art world posing in her art exhibtion

Key Points From This Episode:

• Katherine’s experience of podcasting and switching from painting to performance art.

• How miming and pageants at a young age prepared her for using her body in creating art.

• The definition of performance art and why, for her, it is the purest form of art.

• What the audience can expect from her upcoming show Sentenced to Death.

• How she got into the world of pageants and being both feminine and a feminist.

• Being diagnosed with an eye disease at age eleven and dealing with her own limitations.

• Learning that adults can be wrong, and the responsibility involved in teaching art.

• The lacking funding for art programs in schools and the organizations fighting for the cause.

• Misconceptions around pursuing art as a career and how kids are discouraged.

• The need for art programs to include teaching basic business principles.

• The importance for artists to believe in and be able to talk about their work.

• Areas that she would like to work on in her own performances.

• Why she challenges herself to consistently show up as Miss Art World at events.

• And much more!

miss art world performs with other artists

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katherine cooksey also known as miss art in another art performance
Performance by Miss Art World, Katherine Cooksey

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