NOT REAL ART Honors Its 2020 Class of Artist Grantees With an Exclusive Online Exhibition: 7pm October 8: Join Us!

NOT REAL ART Honors Its 2020 Class of Artist Grantees With an Exclusive Online Exhibition: 7pm October 8: Join Us!

In an empty room, a woman sits, nude, unadorned, her face hidden by a thick wave of blonde hair. This composition assumes itself again and again in Gershon Kreimer’s photographic works. The people change, but the austere environment stays the same. His images serve as testimony to the power and pain of a solitary existence. It’s a message that resonates in the pandemic’s new state of normal.

Kreimer’s blonde nude is one of many works on display at NOT REAL ART’s grantee exhibition, opening virtually 7pm October 8. The photographer is recipient of NOT REAL ART’s 2020 Grant award, along with five other California-based artists. The online exhibit will feature a virtual gallery, plus a public art video installation. And, you can watch the video now right here:


Launched in collaboration with Art Share LA in 2019, the annual NOT REAL ART Grant exists to aid artists in their creative endeavors. Six artists received the no-strings-attached award last year, totaling a $2,000 payout for each winner. This year NOT REAL ART selected another six artists from a diverse pool of 150 applicants. A panel of distinguished judges chose the winners based on a combination of technical skill, ingenuity, and intention.

Read on to learn more about the winners and see a preview of their work before the show. A heartfelt congratulations goes out to these artists and their achievements.

NOT REAL ART’s 2020 grantee exhibition opens virtually October 9 on NOTREALART.com

Work by Artist Gershon Kreimer

Gershon Kreimer

Gershon Kreimer is a photographer based in Los Angeles. His stark nudes ensure an emotional connection with the viewer, entirely reflective of both Kreimer and the subject. The images, stripped of any distracting adornments, are a powerful reminder of our deep-rooted solitude.

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Work by Artist Jacqueline Valenzuela

Jacqueline Valenzuela

Jacqueline Valenzuela is a first-generation Mexican-American artist based in Los Angeles. Using bold colors, Valenzuela paints urban landscapes influenced by her immigrant community and the underground punk scene in LA. Her city scenes, filled with female-driven lowriders, emphasize the power of femininity in a male-dominated world.

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Work by Artist Kiara Aileen Machado

Kiara Aileen Machado

Kiara Aileen Machado is a painter from Lynwood, California, whose Guatemalan and Salvadoran background is central to her work. Using a rich color palette, Machado explores the complex identities of the Central American diaspora in Southern California. The lush plants in her paintings camouflage figures and cultural symbols, highlighting the hidden status of marginalized communities in a new environment.

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Work by Artist Miki Yokoyama

Miki Yokoyama

Born in Fukushima, Japan, Miki Yokoyama is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Los Angeles. Working across murals, canvas, and performance art, Yokoyama explores primordial themes of life, death, and transformation. Her vision of the universe is one of transience, an interconnected experience ripe with the potential for beauty.

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Work by Artist Paloma Montoya

Paloma Montoya

Los Angeles-based artist Paloma Montoya explores themes of female sexuality and Chicano culture in her riotous, graffiti-inspired paintings. Raised by her Columbian-born mother and maternal grandmother in South Gate, California, Montoya’s work grew out of her experience as a “woman of color living in a working-class neighborhood.” Her style, bold and colorful, captures the women and subcultures of LA.

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Work by Artist Tijera Williams

Tijera Williams

Tijera Williams is a multimedia painter, photographer, and design artist from Long Beach, California. Her work is informed by a fascination with the classic compositions of the Italian Renaissance. Using a vibrant color palette more akin to Matisse than Michelangelo, Williams integrates her personal experiences into her work, infusing old narratives with a fresh perspective.

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This exciting virtual exhibition will be available online for you to enjoy until December 31, 2021

Morgan  Laurens 

Morgan Laurens (she/her/hers) is NOT REAL ART’s editor in chief. Morgan is an arts writer from the Midwest who enjoys saying “excuse me” when no actual pardon is needed. She specializes in grant writing and narrative-based storytelling for mission-driven artists and arts organizations. With a background in printmaking, pop culture, and classic literature, Morgan believes a girl’s best friend is the pile of books on her bedside table.