smARTtalks 2022

Helms Bakery District presents smARTtalks on November 12, 2022

FREE Educational Event for Artists + Creatives!


smARTtalks are intimate learning sessions covering timely and important topics vital to artists and creatives working in the 21st Century. smARTtalks panels and speakers will cover hot topics such as:

  • The Power of Story in Selling Art: How Narrative Can Help Artists Drive Sales in a Social Media Landscape
  • Has Digital Art Finally Earned Respect? How Web3, NFTs, AR, VR, AI and The Metaverse Are Impacting The Art World
  • Can Public + Immersive Art Experiences Save The World? 

Who Are The Speakers?

Event speakers and moderators will include top artists and experts such as: 
Shana Nys DambrotMiles RegisRonnie PirovinoCarmen Zella , Isabel Beavers, Marisa Caichiolo, Daniel Nomad, Rad Laser Falcon

When and Where?

Saturday November 12 10am-1pm

Helms Design Center, 8745 Washington Boulevard, Culver City, CA 90232.

What Does It Cost?

It's FREE. Only 75 tickets are available, so first come first serve.


Parking is free. Please use the complimentary interior parking garage located adjacent to and east of the Helms Design Center. Look for the RED banners on the entrance to the garage. The parking attendant will direct you where to park your vehicle. The  address for the interior parking garage is 8711 Washington Boulevard | Culver City, CA 90232


Get your FREE tickets now while supplies last. 
Only 75 tickets are available.

BACK IN 2023

The NOT REAL ART Creators Conference is an educational + professional development event for all artists.  Top artists + business experts share important business knowledge + insight to grow your arts career.

  • Learn From Top Artists + Experts
  • Improve Your Arts Business
  • Grow Your Professional Network

This unique conference empowers artists to learn, share + grow professionally. You'll get fresh, relevant + actionable information to level up your arts career. 

Don't miss this powerful event coming back to
Los Angeles in 2023!

Conference Testimonials

Debi Cable Artist

The Best Investment

The best investment in my arts business to date. Seriously epic information, exciting panelists and engaging content

Andre Miripolsky Artist

Very Real Indeed!

Everything about Not Real Art was VERY Real indeed! Great production and presentation by ALL. Kudos!”

Isaias Crow Artist


Wow! Insightful and inspiring conversation. Thank you for all the words of wisdom and empowering information.

Event Photos

Laugh Gallery


Laugh Gallery

“…A group of sculptural works that aims at a void that signifies precisely the non-being of what it represents…”

— Artie S. Knob

Um, what?

Ugh! Enough with the incomprehensible art-speak already. It’s turns people off. We think art should be more accessible. And, we think comedians are a great way to help solve the problem. So, we are teaming up with veteran L.A. comic, Katie Love to find comedians who can lighten things up as we celebrate the arts and the artists who make the arts! Visit Laugh Gallery now to sign up for the newsletter!