NOT REAL ART Fights Morbid Obesity + More Good News!

NOT REAL ART Fights Morbid Obesity + More Good News!

NOT REAL ART and its hosts Man One and Sourdough are elated by the number of five-star reviews is getting on iTunes – all we needed to get us psyched for the new year and ready to bring you some more awesome content.

This new episode of NOT REAL ART is full of banter, which includes Sourdough and Man One sharing their expectations and goals for 2020. They’re looking forward to the annual Not Real Art conference, traveling, and the kinds of chaos the new year will bring.

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But they advise listeners to assume a position of cautious optimism rather than buying into the blind optimism we often see from the talking heads on TV, and they share how gaining a bird’s eye view on situations helps to mitigate anxiety.

The two play a game where Sourdough has to guess what piece of fitness equipment Man One bought for the studio, and after a few incorrect guesses, Sourdough finally gets it. This is, they believe, the first step to getting back into shape, or at least to get Man One down from morbidly obese to obese. These are some of our 2020 goals – tune in to hear more!

NOT REAL ART Fights Morbid Obesity in 2020 + More Good News!
Random graffiti at Amoeba Records in Hollywood; Photo by Sourdough

Key Points From This NOT REAL ART Episode:

  • Our gratitude for the many positive reviews we’ve been getting on iTunes.
  • Talking “art”, bantering, and why we like recording the podcast in the evening.
  • Expectations for 2020: a jam-packed year, frequent traveling, and lots of chaos in the mix.
  • The “cult” of optimism we often observe in the talking heads and media.
  • Assuming a position of cautious optimism rather than being blindly optimistic.
  • The advantage of getting a bird’s eye view on a situation that might otherwise cause anxiety.
  • Finding peace in the knowledge that we are part of nature and only here for a minute.
  • How you begin to think differently about the world once you become a parent.
  • Man One on giving up his passion to spend more time with and coach his kids in sports.
  • Why it was so hard to stop playing soccer and recommitting to becoming more active.
  • Sourdough’s swings at guessing what fitness-related object Man One got for the studio.
  • How long a “morbidly obese” individual can expect to last during an elliptical workout.
  • Man One got a yoga mat, and after the fourth guess, Sourdough got it!
  • When you’re in a tough spot, ask yourself: What would Sourdough and Man One do?
  • Advice for those starting on the yoga mat – build your endurance for laying down.
  • Launching the 2020 Not Real Art Conference and a reminder about our grant.
  • The list of conference speakers you can look forward to and a new idea for an event.

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Scott "Sourdough" Power

Scott “Sourdough” Power is the the creator and executive producer of NotRealArt.com. He is also the co-founder of Crewest Studio a digital media company in Los Angeles dedicated to creative culture and the $2T creative economy.