NOT REAL ART Talks to Artists Marguerite Kalhor, Monica Leal Cueva, Juliana Bustillo, and Jessie Noguchi — 2019 Grant Winners

NOT REAL ART Talks to Artists Marguerite Kalhor, Monica Leal Cueva, Juliana Bustillo, and Jessie Noguchi — 2019 Grant Winners

In this episode, Sourdough and Cheyenne Sauter, Executive Director of Art Share L.A, talk to 2019 grant winners Marguerite Kalhor, Monica Leal Cueva, Juliana Bustillo, and Jessie Noguchi. Our aim with the grant, “talk show”, and other content we’ve produced around them is to celebrate and give exposure to these artists and to provide them with a platform to tell their stories and promote their work.

he set of the NOT REAL ART video shoot
On the set of the NOT REAL ART video shoot
Artist Marquerite Kalhor

In this episode, they discuss how winning the NOT REAL ART Grant differs from many others in that it demands nothing back but rather frees them to spend the money on whatever they need. Unfortunately, many grants come with strings attached and organizations are determined to get a return on their investment, which is often counterproductive from the artist’s perspective.

Artist Monica Leal Cueva
Artist Monica Leal Cueva

They talk about finding your voice as an artist, dealing with the business side of the work, and the importance of figuring out what you expect your art to do for you. Some do it for pleasure, some for their own sanity, and yet others want to make a living from their art – it’s all about being clear about what this looks like for you. With the 2019 Not Real Art Exhibition in view, our guests discuss their process of choosing which pieces to show, the story and intent within their selection, and how diversity and culture are reflected in their work.

Artist Jessie Noguchi
Artist Jessie Noguchi

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Jessie on hearing that she had won the grant despite being a new artist on the block.
  • What Marguerite felt when she finally won a grant after many unsuccessful grant applications.
  • The encouragement Monica experienced after being put down by someone in the industry.
  • How the grant money enabled Juliana to produce a big painting for the show.
  • The tangible and intangible needs of emerging artists and what the $1000 means.
  • Hear how getting a grant typically comes with certain responsibilities on the part of the artist.
  • How organizations that offer grants often expect publicity and an ROI on their investment.
  • Jessie’s process of figuring out her identity and voice as an artist over the last two years.
  • The value of anxiety and fear that goes along with putting yourself and your work out there.
  • Thoughts on the different kinds of artists and where the guests see themselves fitting in.
  • How the brick wall between fine art and commercial art is being eroded by technology.
  • Monica on the need to be clear about whether your art is for yourself or to make money.
  • How grad school prepared Marguerite for writing emails – but it’s killing the creativity!
  • Finding community and connection with other artists by attending trade events.
  • The 2019 Not Real Art Exhibition and the piece-selection processes of our four guests.
  • How cultural and diversity surfaces in our guests' work.

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

Marguerite Kalhor — http://www.octo-mystic.com

Monica Leal Cueva — https://www.monicalealcueva.com

Juliana Bustillo on Instagram — https://www.instagram.com/juliaanaaaab/?hl=en

Jessie Noguchi — https://www.jessienoguchi.com

Art Share L.A. — https://artsharela.org

Cheyanne Sauter on LinkedIn — https://www.linkedin.com/in/cheyanne-sauter-567588a/

Cheyenne Sauter on Twitter — https://twitter.com/cheyannes?lang=en

Rachel O’Donnell — https://www.rachelodonnellart.com

Beth Abaravich — http://www.bethabaravich.com

Edmund Arevalo — https://notrealart.com/edmund-arevalo-grant-winner/

Thony Loui on Instagram — https://www.instagram.com/thonyloui/?hl=en

Kim Dorland — https://www.kdorland.com

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Man One on Twitter — https://twitter.com/ManOneArt

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