Arts editor Morgan Laurens interviews artists from around the world.

Q+Art: Christina Massey Weaves a Series of Otherworldly Ecological Wall Sculptures

Inspired by an appreciation for nature, artist Christina Massey crafts conceptual art with an otherworldly spin. In her collection of modern wall sculptures, the New York-based artist perfectly balances the elements of each piece to ...

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Q+Art: Collage Artist Darcy Yates Creates Haunting Portraits From Vintage Photographs

California-based collage artist Darcy Yates uses vintage photographs to create a nostalgic feel throughout her surreal compositions. Her colorful portraits are often haunting, incorporating clashing color palettes that leave viewers with a sense of familiar ...

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Q+Art: Muralist Erin Yoshi Tackles Climate Change by Traveling Back in Time

Artist Erin Yoshi has been exploring the relationship between humans and nature for decades with her thought-provoking paintings and vivid murals. Oftentimes, this means traveling back in time to capture an easier coexistence between people ...

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Q+Art: Artist Man One is Changing the Art World, One Spray Can at a Time

Wander around LA long enough and you’re bound to stumble across Latino artist Man One’s rainbow-hued murals. Wielding his spray can like a weapon for good, the first-generation American creates striking, large-scale works that lure ...

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Q+Art: Painter Dimitri Kozyrev Travels Through Real and Imagined Spaces in a Peri-Pandemic Landscape

Russian-American artist Dimitri Kozyrev paints deconstructed landscapes by applying geometric swatches of color onto the canvas. These distorted views of urban environments and sprawling scenery capture the meandering freeways, open skies, and flat patches of ...

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Q+Art: Artist Ted Meyer Copes With Chronic Illness Through a Series of Dream-Like Figure Paintings

Early in life, artist Ted Meyer was frequently sick. Since then his work has focused on the physical sensations the body absorbs over a lifetime of joy and suffering. Densely populated with whimsical figures that ...

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