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A Video Series Exploring Public Art

With Badir McCleary

"REMOTE" is a video series by filmmaker Badir McCleary that enters the world of public art, revealing the vibrant and often unseen artistry that exists in our everyday environments. The series was created in partnership with NOT REAL ART, and is exclusively available here on the on NOT REAL ART website.
McCleary captures the essence of public installations, from the awe-inspiring Desert X exhibits of Coachella Valley to the storied murals of Philadelphia. Each episode explores the relationship between art and its locale, spotlighting how these works reflect and influence community identity and culture. The series invites viewers to journey alongside as it uncovers the narratives and impacts of art outside traditional gallery walls.

Tune in to "REMOTE" for an enlightening exploration of the stories behind public art and the ways they weave into the fabric of our cities and natural landscapes. 

Badir McCleary, Filmmaker behind the remote series

Filmmaker Badir McCleary


Featured Episode

‘Remote,’ Ep. 1: Badir McCleary Captures the Sublime Beauty of Desert X

In partnership with NOT REAL ART, L.A. filmmaker Badir McCleary premieres ‘Desert X,’ the first in a six-part video series on the power of public art.

‘Remote,’ Ep. 1: Badir McCleary Captures the Sublime Beauty of Desert X

Blue and gold historical plaques are everywhere in Philadelphia. Numbering in the 300s, the markers are ...

‘Remote,’ Ep. 2: Badir McCleary Documents a People’s History of Philadelphia Art and Culture

Badir McCleary stands in front of a jagged 340-ton boulder levitating 15 feet in the air. ...

‘Remote,’ Ep. 3: Badir McCleary Plays With Our Perception of Public Art

“Sometimes it’s too hot to shoot,” says L.A. filmmaker Badir McCleary, who, only moments ago, sprinted ...

‘Remote,’ Ep. 4: Public Art Blooms in San Antonio

Badir McCleary approaches the large bronze bell, eager to pull its lever and strike the last ...

‘Remote,’ Ep. 5: The Bell Tolls for Thee in Washington, D.C.

“Some of the best public art is hidden,” says Badir McCleary, gesturing toward the impenetrable layer ...

‘Remote,’ Ep. 6: An Eye for Public Art

How does public art in the U.S. reflect and shape our communities and cultural identities? It’s ...

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What role does public art play in our communities? And how has it changed across human ...

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Remote, Badir McCleary’s video series on public art, opens with an ambitious statement from the L.A.-based ...

Filmmaker Badir McCleary’s ‘Remote’: Making Public Art Accessible [Podcast]

Some people are problem-solvers by nature. With 15 years of experience in the tech industry and ...

Badir McCleary: The Consultant Creating Opportunities for Artists To Be Seen [Podcast]


Badir McCleary, Filmmaker behind the remote series

Filmmaker Badir McCleary

Badir McCleary is an artist and digital strategist who has woven a tapestry of art and technology into a career that spans continents and cultures.

His firm, ArtAboveReality, represents the pinnacle of art curation and consulting, marrying contemporary art with cutting-edge digital strategies. As a seasoned professional in the art world, Badir brings a wealth of knowledge in modern art, complemented by his expertise in internet computing and digital trends.

Through his work, Badir has become a conduit for artists and art enthusiasts alike, navigating the complex landscape of today's art community with vision and virtuosity.

Connect with Badir on his website and social media:

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