Samuel Douek of Thunderflix: Netflix for Metalheads [Podcast] cover

Samuel Douek of Thunderflix: Netflix for Metalheads [Podcast]

Where do you go to see your favorite metal band perform? Until recently, longtime metal enthusiast Samuel Douek struggled to find an answer that satisfied him. After missing an online concert because of streaming issues, Samuel realized there must be thousands of other metalheads in the same boat. Enter Thunderflix, the world’s first on-demand streaming service dedicated exclusively to heavy metal music and its ardent fans.

In today’s podcast episode, NOT REAL ART publisher and host Scott “Sourdough” Power sits down with Samuel to discuss the evolution of Thunderflix and its mark on the metal industry. “[Thunderflix] started with an idea for me as a fan to be able to have all my DVDs, Blu-rays, and concerts available on my iPad, available everywhere,” says Samuel, a former film distributor who built his career as the founder and director of the Hola Mexico Film Festival. “I'm happy to be a fan that managed to do something for the [heavy metal] industry. I'm very excited about that. The reaction has been amazing, and I'm very happy with how it's going. I can only wait and see where it's going to grow.”

Tuning in, listeners will learn what goes into launching a streaming platform and curating digital content directed at a subculture of highly passionate fans. Scott and Samuel chat about the perks of joining Thunderflix, including access to new releases, live performances, documentaries, behind-the-scenes footage, and official content from their favorite artists. They also cover the challenges of licensing, negotiating copyrights, and how the platform helps viewers discover new bands. Regardless of your personal metalhead status, this episode promises insights and inspiration for music enthusiasts, art lovers, and maybe even some new fans. As Sam points out, “[Heavy metal is] a universe. The more you go in, the more things you discover. I'm 44 years old, and it hasn't stopped. [My passion is] still growing. It’s a vast universe where I'm a very happy child.”

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