Scott Hoesman of InQuest Consulting On: Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Scott Hoesman of InQuest Consulting On: Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

“I think that this notion of diversity, equity, and inclusion is challenging right now because a lot of us can think of examples where we are deeply inclusive and we are of those people we are inclusive of. And so, we become legends in our own mind. So, ‘Let me tell you – here are the examples that prove I’m not homophobic, I’m not transphobic, I’m not racist.’ We come up with these proof points and we equate them with ‘Therefore, I am a good person.’ I would encourage people to take that judgment away and think critically.” — @ScottHoesman [0:24:55.0]

Listen to Scott Hoesman of InQuest Consulting Discuss Empathy and Inclusion

As the lines we have drawn to separate ourselves from others seem to be hardening, will we ever get to a place where we all get along? There may not be a silver bullet to reach a place of inclusion and equity, but this does not mean it is not possible. Today's guest, Scott Hoesman, Founder of inQuest Consulting, is doing the work to help teams create a more empathetic and inclusive culture. With feelings of anger, exclusion, and fear at an all-time high, Scott helps companies understand difference and find common humanity. In this episode, we talk about what inclusivity means and why we need to move past the idea that when we bring people in, we will lose something. Not only is this not true, but viewing people who are different from us through a fear-based lens only entrenches divisions further. We discuss why topics of inclusion and equity are so difficult for people to talk about, where Scott encourages everyone – yes, even the most liberal among us – to interrogate how they live the value of inclusivity. Rather than villainizing one group, we have to turn inward, open our hearts and minds, and interrogate our own biases. Even though we are in a difficult period of history, Scott remains optimistic that we will be able to get back to civil discourse and a society of openness and learning.

“Do you value people enough, with these dimensions of difference, to take advice from in your career professionally?” — @ScottHoesman [0:32:20.0]

“If we continue the divide and the villainization of one another, how do we create breakthroughs?” — @ScottHoesman [0:39:07.0]

Scott Hoesman in action leading one of his client workshops
Scott Hoesman in action leading one of his client workshops
A recent video message from Scott Hoesman to his client base at InQuest Consulting

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Not getting along is part of the human experience, but it is something we need to lean into.
  • Our scarcity mindset – that does in some ways protect us – pits us up against one another.
  • Inclusion does not mean there will be fewer resources for you.
  • Why Scott is both proud and not satisfied with the work inQuest has done.
  • Some of the common themes that Scott has noticed from his work.
  • Understanding that there will be backlash when talking about difficult topics openly.
  • The power of naming your discomfort when trying to talk to people about topics where your knowledge is limited
  • You cannot put the burden of your education on other people – It is your responsibility.
  • How geographical and social context influences Scott’s work around inclusion.
  • The power of proximity: Why being exposed to different people breaks down barriers.
  • Nature versus nurture: Scott’s take on whether empathy is innate or learned.
  • Why Scott believes the topic of inclusivity is particularly difficult for people to grapple with.
  • How Scott’s 40th birthday party made him reflect on how he lived his professional values in his personal life.
  • Hear how Scott helps people to see how diverse their social and professional circles are.
  • We have made it socially acceptable to discriminate based on visible and invisible difference.
  • Social media can further polarize or unite us depending on how we use it.
  • Hear Scott’s take on cancel culture and why the argument is so nuanced.
  • Why – even though we are facing such a hard time – Scott is still so optimistic.
  • The worry Scott has about us becoming complacent with these issues.
  • The history of inclusive consulting as a profession and how it has evolved over time.
  • What the role of government is in creating and enabling inclusive and equitable practices.
  • It is not only conservative people who need to open their minds; liberals do as well.
  • We need to get back to a place of civil discourse where we can disagree without villainization.

“Because we are looking and trying to include others into the inclusion tent, it doesn’t mean we have to kick other people out. It doesn’t mean we have to exclude to include.” — @ScottHoesman [0:07:56.0]

“It’s going to take all of us to continue to make progress. Stay on it.” — @ScottHoesman [0:48:36.0]

“Are we inclusive with some of the people some of the time or are we inclusive? Period.” — @ScottHoesman [0:54:47.0]

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

“If I desire to have these conversations and desire to have some learning and connection with others who may not be like me, how do I create safety for them and me?” — @ScottHoesman [0:17:00.0]

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