SNEAKERTOPIA: Step into Sneaker Culture on Oct 25 in Los Angeles!

SNEAKERTOPIA: Step into Sneaker Culture on Oct 25 in Los Angeles!

Don't miss SNEAKERTOPIA: the pop-up sneaker museum opening Oct 25 2019 in Los Angeles! This new pop-up will celebrate everything related to sneaker culture, its history and the current landscape of the art form!

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Artist Man One is taking part in the exhibition and he explains his involvement and what he knows about this exciting new pop-up pop-culture museum!

Listen as Man One talks about his own experiences of sneaker culture and collecting, the industry at large, the intersection of music, design and sport and some cultural landmarks to do with sneakers!

We talk RUN DMC, documentaries, famous collections, and sneaker hoarding. For all this and more, join us today for this great episode!

art mural of kanye west
Man One art mural of Kayne West at SNEAKERTOPIA

Key Points From This Special SNEAKERTOPIA Episode:

• Pop-up museums and the exciting prospect of this new initiative.

• Man One's work for the event and what he will be taking part in.

• The brief that they gave Man One and the new territory he will be covering.

• The size of the sneaker industry and how much it has grown in the last decades.

• Excessive collecting, hoarding and the right amount of sneakers to purchase.

• How Man One got into hip hop culture through breakdancing.

• Fashion first, utility and pragmatism second! The fusion of form and function.

• The focus at the Sneakertopia exhibit and the experience they are trying to create.

• Some recent documentaries that focus on hip hop fashion and sneakers.

• The monumental event that was RUN DMC's My Adidas!

• The sneaker cleaning and maintenance industry; stores, products, and services.

• The low-down on tickets, dates and running times for the Sneakertopia event!

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