Young Keezy

A very necessary podcast not only dedicated to the promotion of art but also makes it a point to contextualize topics within our daily lives. Beyond this podcast, Sourdough and the Not Real Art team provide a tangible platform for artists to help express themselves without inhibition. We, Parlor Social, have had the pleasure of joining the podcast twice and perform our music at their first annual conference in LA. Truly a beacon for art which we are excited to see grow nationally and beyond.

What's Next LA?

Art too often feels inaccessible or too outside our day-to-day. This podcast shows how relevant, relatable and down to earth art really is.

This is not analyzing museum paintings...it talks about how art is so much more a part of our daily lives than we realize. It does a great job to inform and entertain. And it helps us see our daily surroundings a bit differently, with a bit more appreciation.

Kudos to Sourdough, one of my fave podcast hosts.


The interviews are always compelling and I appreciate the wide range of subjects. NOT REAL ART talks about so much more than just art - it talks about life.

Donnie Nice

Thanks so much for the great conversation! Not Real Art is such a great was to hear so many different perspectives from people who lead artistic lifestyles.

Jerome Shaw

Listened to episode “The Encaustic Painter Fighting for Social Justice”. Epic intro Sourdough! You have a great voice that is full of charisma. Sounds like you’ve been at this a while.

Enjoyed this interview with Mary Farmer. Interesting how she has kept her passion alive during the pandemic. Found it impactful when she talked about the importance of our personal space. Really emotional stuff.

Love your interviewing style. You seem to enjoy your guests and allow their voices to be heard. Recommend this podcast to anyone who has a respect for art and Artists alike.

juel concepts

As someone who has known Scott Powers for eons, worked with him in the past, has been a guest of this show and is an avid listener of the Not Real Art Podcast, I'm in constantly in AWE of what this has become. It's one thing to hear his effortless approach to navigating topics; but it's another realm when it feels like a conversation between two friends with respect for each others work. I'm a fan!


Yes, Sourdough and Man One cover far ranging topics around creative industries. Plus, its just fun to listen to the artists and creatives interviewed.

SRH4 life

Insightful, Funny, and if your a hardcore art geek or a passive admirer of the arts this show is the one I tells my friends to listen too. Well DONE!!!!!!


This is such a fun podcast on ar. Love hearing all the stories! Even if you’re not an art person it’s fun to listen to so check it!


By far one of my favorite podcasts and a must for those in or interested in any creative industry. Sourdough and Man One bring their diverse background and experience together in a casual, insightful and often humorous way educating their listeners on the subject of art and the creative world in general.



This is a podcast that touches on subjects that matter TODAY. Scott’s voice and demeanor are very pleasant. You will listen to good interviews that are relevant to what we’re going through collectively and individually as artists.



Scott interviewed me as a Not Real Art grant recipient. I enjoyed the conversation and questions asked about art, they were different! And I felt like I spoke my truth.