‘Three Dimensional Type’ is Poised for a Revolution cover

‘Three Dimensional Type’ is Poised for a Revolution

What happens when letterforms transcend their 2D boundaries and become 3D objects you can touch and experience in real life?

You get design books like Three Dimensional Type, the latest release from UK publishers Counter-Print. Packed with playful bubble letters, drop-shadow illustrations, and digitally crafted quilts, the 200-page softbound book celebrates the endlessly creative world of 3D typography in all its forms.

While 3D type dates back to the 1960s, we owe its recent resurgence to advances in design tech—with basic software, any existing font can enter the third dimension. These technologies have breathed new life into the craft, allowing designers to push the boundaries of perception and possibility. As AI gains momentum, the industry is poised for a revolution that propels the art form into uncharted territory.

‘Three Dimensional Type’

Unconcerned with legibility, Three Dimensional Type showcases a bevy of designs that delve into the realm of pure imagination. UK Illustrator Thomas Burden masterfully captures the tactile quality of quilted letters in his project “Quilts for the Homesick Music Fan,” while skincare company JB Scrub creates a “fun” vibe for their teen-targeted products with colorful 3D lettering.

Three Dimensional Type includes a curated collection of works by talented designers like Snask, João Varela, StudioSpass, and Zuzanna Rogatty. Their contributions showcase a range of techniques and approaches, from drop shadows and typographic signage to AI-generated typography and hand lettering. Accompanied by insightful descriptions, each featured project offers a glimpse into the creative process behind the designs.

Three Dimensional Type also includes information on the fonts and software used to create each project, just in case readers want to embark on their own journey into 3D typography. The book is a wellspring of inspiration, a guide through uncharted territory, and a celebration of the extraordinary possibilities contained within 3D typography.

‘Three Dimensional Type’
‘Three Dimensional Type’
‘Three Dimensional Type’
‘Three Dimensional Type’

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All photos published with permission of the artist(s); photos: Thom Atkinson.

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