Vyal One: O.G. L.A. Muralist

Vyal One: O.G. L.A. Muralist

Standing out in the crowded L. A graffiti scene is no easy feat, but it is something today's guest, Vyal One, has managed to do. He is a muralist from East L.A with over 25 years of experience creating aerosol murals and is one of the graffiti movement's most skilled aerosol painters. His work has taken him across the globe, and his portfolio includes a range of corporate commissions.

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In this episode, we hear about Vyal's creative journey and how he became a muralist. He pays respect to his early influences and shares when he was introduced to graffiti as an art form. Not interested in mainstream art, he finally saw a place for himself, where he could be who he wanted creatively.

“The thing that I really love about what graffiti has given me and is the interesting paths it has taken me down.” — @VYALONE [0:26:19.0]

The One and Only Vyal

“Regular art was not interesting to me.” — @VYALONE [0:06:46.0]

We also hear about some of his favorite memories from being abroad, including his time in Barcelona and Berlin. Our conversation also touches on where Vyal gets his inspiration from, the importance of staying connected to the youth as an experienced muralist, and the many unspoken rules and conventions in the world of graffiti. Tune in to hear it all from one of L.A's finest.

Vyal for Lexus
Vyal on the gig
Vyal on the gig

“There's just so many amazing influences that put me on that path. Once I started getting into graffiti and going around tagging, I started realizing that it just wasn't satisfying me enough. I dig people who can do illegal stuff and bomb and go all out, but for me, that's not where the satisfaction came from. I felt better doing the stuff that I'm currently doing. Back then, it wasn't as advanced or anything, but I was figuring it out. I was feeling out of my place in life.” — @VYALONE [0:10:10.0]

Today’s regular host artist Erin Yoshi
Today’s regular host artist Erin Yoshi

Key Points From This Vyal Episode:

  • Hear about Vyal's earliest art-making memories and the influence his brother had on him.
  • How Vyal made the decision to pursue art as a career and become a muralist.
  • What Vyal means when he says that graffiti saved his life.
  • The story of how Vyal and Man One first met and the subsequent friendship that followed.
  • What Vyal learned from Man One about the business of being an artist.
  • How Erin and Vyal became friends, despite him thinking people in the Bay Area didn't like him.
  • Some of Vyal's favorite memories from getting to travel all around the world.
  • Reflecting on the incredible Sunday gatherings in Barcelona.
  • Where Vyal draws inspiration for his different characters from.
  • Vyal's approach to teaching and the freedom he believes in giving his students to explore.
  • The story behind the eyes that Vyal has always had in his work.
  • Why it is so important for Vyal to stay connected to young people and teach them about graffiti.
  • There are so many incidents of artist's murals getting hit in L.A.
  • Graffiti has so many unspoken rules that have to be passed on by more experienced artists.
  • Where Vyal sees his practice going as time goes on.Vy

“I'm forever grateful to Man One for getting me on the ball, doing events, and stuff like that.” — @VYALONE [0:19:06.0]

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“The eyes, to me, they're symbols of protection, they're symbols of magic. There's reference to my own, personal religious practices.” — @VYALONE [0:48:02.0]