Why Do We Make Art? [Podcast] cover

Why Do We Make Art? [Podcast]

On today’s podcast episode, we attempt to answer a deceptively simple but critical question: Why do we make art? The answer, it turns out, is different for everyone.

“The way I see it, there are three basic reasons why anyone makes art,” says NOT REAL ART founder and podcast host Scott “Sourdough” Power. “Number one, some people make art just for fun. Other reasons people make art, money, they want to make money. The last reason I think artists make art is that many artists want to make history.”

By outlining three basic approaches to art-making, this episode encourages listeners to define their motivations in concrete terms. Do you want to go down in history as an influential artist? Do you simply have mouths to feed and bills to pay? Or are your creative pursuits purely for joy and personal fulfillment? Maybe it’s a little bit from all three categories. “The answer to those questions really dictates the kinds of decisions you make for your career and for your business moving forward,” Scott says. “It will really clarify where you want to go in your life, the decisions you want to make, the kinds of investments you want to make in time and treasure.”

With a clearer understanding of your motivations, you can make decisions that align with long-term goals and overarching values. On today’s episode, Scott discusses the different paths an artist might take depending on their objective and shares some practical tips to help them get there. “I don't think any artist should hesitate to make a T-shirt, or a hat, or a sticker, or a tote bag, or key chain with their art, because that's a revenue stream, and museums have gift shops for a reason.

“Think deeply,” he continues. “Do some soul searching and some introspection and define very clearly in your own mind and heart and ask yourself—why do you make art?” Join us for today’s episode as we unpack the critical process of understanding and living by your motivations.

Scott "Sourdough" Power

Scott “Sourdough” Power is the the creator and executive producer of NotRealArt.com. He is also the co-founder of Crewest Studio a digital media company in Los Angeles dedicated to creative culture and the $2T creative economy.