Artists Mariela Arjas, Gloria Muriel and Amanda Lynn

Muralist Roundtable: Gloria Muriel, Amanda Lynn + Mariela Ajras with Erin Yoshi

Welcome to episode 117 of the Not Real Art Podcast. In today’s show, guest host Erin Yoshi is joined by three more exceptional artists, Gloria Muriel, Amanda Lynn, and Mariela Ajras. These women are among the most influential and talented muralists around, and in today’s show, they share their stories, inspirations, and advice.

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We kick things off by hearing the origin story of each artist, as we find out Gloria’s shy beginnings, Amanda’s illustrative line work and decorative patterns, and Mariela’s focus on women and collective memory. Following this, our roundtable discussion touches on fundamental aspects of their careers in art. Amanda tells listeners about the genesis of her work, while Mariela explains how muralism led to opportunity after opportunity, with each being bigger than the last.

“As a small child, I knew that I wanted to be a muralist. The first mural I ever painted was in my parent’s home. I painted for my mom in our house to pay off a speeding ticket that I got with her in the car.” — Amanda Lynn [0:05:27]

“I had to prove that I could do what I was doing. I remember when I did my first big mural, there was a bet among the production team members whether or not I could finish the mural.” — Mariela Ajras [0:14:54]

Throughout the episode, each artist shares anecdotes about their experiences in murals. We hear about swing stages, gender inequality in the art world, and how feminism can take on different meanings. Toward the end of the show, Amanda, Gloria, and Mariela give advice to up-and-coming muralists wanting to break into the industry. They talk about the rules of the streets, how to find your style and how you should go about charging for your work. For more, be sure to tune into this rich and empowering episode.

“I would just go and knock on doors and ask to paint people’s walls. Then you get empowerment and a sense of what you want to charge because you value yourself even more.” — @GloriaMuriel [0:29:06]

Amanda Lynn
Amanda Lynn
Gloria Muriel
Gloria Muriel
Gloria Muriel
Mariela Ajras

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing today’s round table guests, Gloria Muriel, A Lynn, and Mariela Ajras.
  • Hear how each artist got introduced to muralism.
  • Each artist tells us how murals became fundamental aspects of their careers in art.
  • What their experiences were like some of only females in their industry.
  • Our round table shares their experiences working alongside male skeptics.
  • Mariela tells us about swing stages and what it’s like using one.
  • The round table gives advice to up-and-coming muralists wanting to break into the industry.
  • How muralism has played such a strong role in the lives of our guests and host.
  • Amanda tells us how she balanced a full-time job with being a freelance artist.
  • Gloria talks about the pros and cons of working with galleries.
  • Mariela tells us about her video project that reveals gender inequality in the art world.
  • Mariela expands on topics of feminism and gender inequality.
  • Amanda touches on her friendship with Lady Maggs.
  • How Gloria’s motherhood has impacted her work.
  • Hear about each artist’s latest work.

“Never get exclusive with a gallery. Do short-term contracts. Do galleries that are not local or at least have their own client’s book. You need to be aware of what kind of gallery it is and have that relationship with the owner.” — @GloriaMuriel [0:36:06]

“The passion that happens between having a career and having the art — for me it makes art more sacred.” — Amanda Lynn [0:32:40]

“Feminism represents a diversity that cannot be represented under one idea. That is to say, not everybody is the same kind of feminist.” — Mariela Ajras [0:46:26]

Amanda Lynn sits on top of the world -- and her art
Amanda Lynn sits on top of the world — and her art

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

“I feel like art has saved us — it’s definitely saved me. I used to get in trouble with my parents for drawing on the walls. My dad got me an erasable board, and I used to stand on a big chair and draw there. It’s just in our nature.” — @erinyoshi [0:31:02]

“I got pushed by friends into muralism, mostly because I started out as a fine artist doing galleries and canvases. And then I had some friends that wanted to do walls. They were like, ‘hey have you ever done walls?’ From there, everything went so fast and suddenly I had a wall and it was just so organic. I get very shy, and I’m an extremely shy person. So being exposed is very different to being in your studio painting. Now it’s outside with everybody watching you. That was the hardest part for me — the transition from being a fine artist to a muralist. But once I did it, it blew my mind and I loved it.” — @GloriaMuriel [0:04:19]

Don’t miss any of these powerful episodes!
Don’t miss any of these powerful episodes!